Are you wanting to spruce up your home without splashing the cash?

Renovations can cost quite a bit, and with most of us on tight budgets this Christmas period, we all can’t afford the luxury we want. But making small changes to your home can make a big difference, So, here are some tips and tricks to spruce up your home just in time for Christmas.

Feature wall in the dining room

It’s time to get creative. Having a feature wall can really enhance a room, and if you’re serving up Christmas dinner this year, why not impress your family and friends with a statement wall? Wallpaper costs as little as £5, which is great for those on a tight budget. Paint can be a little more expensive, depending on which brand you choose. Wilkos paint posts sell for as little as £12, whereas B&Q sell their paint for £18. Once your walls are covered, decorate with photo frames and decorations for the ultimate Christmas feel.

Floors floors floors!

Giving your floor some TLC before Christmas can really enhance your home, and it’s a lot easier than you think! Not only will your floor look brand new, but it will be squeaky clean!

Start by removing dust and grit with a sweeping brush and vacuum cleaner. After, use a floor cleaner recommended by your flooring supplier. A harsh cleaner may damage your floor, so it’s best to do your research beforehand if you buy a cleaner from a supermarket. If you want to go the extra mile, you can sand down your wooden floor to give it a new life. Although, you will need to have a sander handy or have a professional do it.


Convert your old furniture with a lick of paint! But make sure to have sandpaper, primer and brushes at hand so you can transform your wooden furniture. Start by sanding down to make sure the surface is even. After, paint with a colour of your choice, but remember to buy paint that’s suitable for wood. Prime with a coating of your choice! Matte furniture always looks luxurious, especially at this time of year! Finish with handles to complete the look. Anyone will think your old furniture is new!


Lights lights baby! Switch up your lighting this year to give an instant lift to your home. It can be as simple as LED lights around your room, or a statement floor lamp! If you prefer ceiling lights, IKEA have some great lampshades that will give your home the wow factor! You could even hang some mistletoe…

We hope these tips and tricks will give you some inspiration to decorate your home!


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