Buying the perfect lodge is the dream of every holiday goer across the UK. There’s nothing better than getting away from your working life to your home away from home, and spending your break in an amazing lodge.

With the right steps in place, you can ensure that your dream lodge becomes a reality, so you can whisk away for your next trip without a moment to lose.

The many steps that you need to take towards buying your very own lodge can seem complex, but with a little time and some dedicated consideration, you can easily conquer them to secure the perfect lodge.

Read on, to learn what these essential steps are for buying a lodge.

1. Find the best holiday park operator

The first step towards buying the perfect lodge, and potentially the most important, is to make sure you find the best holiday park operator to purchase from.

Your holiday home experience will only be satisfying if your chosen holiday park is one that reflects professionalism, expertise, and unbeatable service – consider owning an Away Resorts lodge, for example.

More importantly, different holiday parks offer varying prices for lodges across the UK, each with their own level of quality. 

To get the best value for your money, you want to ensure your chosen park operator provides optimal lodges with competitive prices.

Lodge ownership is a long-term investment, which should give you a splendid holiday home to enjoy for years to come. Therefore, pick the best park operator to make this a certainty.

2. Establish your budget

Once you have found the best park operator, you should now establish a budget for your lodge.

Your chosen park operator will most likely offer a range of different lodge styles across various destinations, each with different price ranges.

Before you can begin to explore your location and style options, it’s best to establish your initial budget, so you have a realistic idea of what you want from your holiday home and how much it will cost.

This will also help you search for your dream lodge more efficiently, as you can filter your options based on the budget you set for yourself.

3. Pick your ideal destination 

The next thing to do is to choose your ideal destination for your lodge. 

The location you pick will contribute heavily towards the type of experiences you have on holiday, and the range of activities available.

For instance, you could decide to buy a lodge on a bay, where you’ll be greeted with rays of sunshine and blissful sea breezes every morning.

Or you might want a lodge deep in the forest, where you’re surrounded by the wild beauty of nature and all its mysteries. 

Or perhaps you want to buy a lodge on the lake, where you can enjoy the peace and quiet of the scenery, before indulging in the excitement of watersports.

Your lodge’s location is vital to your decision making, so ensure you give it as much thought as necessary.

4. Select your favourite lodge style

One final key ingredient to your perfect lodge is choosing the right style. 

Lodges come in a wide variety of different designs, each having their own levels of quality and available features, so pick the one you feel best fits your ideal vision of a holiday home.

For example, a standard option will bring you all the comfort you need from your lodge, whilst offering you a more affordable price for a lower budget.

Alternatively, for those looking to splash out, you can opt for a luxurious lodge. These designs are the peak of high-end aesthetic, offering exquisite furnishings, high-tech TVs and sound systems, as well as features like built-in hot tubs.

Whatever style you want, there’s sure to be a lodge that ticks all the right boxes.

With these essential steps to hand, you now have everything you need to purchase the perfect lodge, so your next getaway – and every one after that – is everything you’ve dreamed of.


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