When it comes to weather in England you can never be quite sure what you are going to get. Whilst it might be something of a joke to tourists that on even the sunniest of days we might pack and umbrella and a jumper for a day out “just in case”, the reality is that all too often you might find your self needing them.

So, when it comes to our gardens picking suitable furniture can be one of those tricky decisions that may not be as easy as you would think at first glance. Fortunately, there are some great waterproof garden furniture manufacturer and supplier companies here in England who know exactly what to expect, so there are plenty of options.

What to consider in your garden furniture?

When it comes to buying the right furniture for your garden there are in fact a number of things that you might want to factor into your decision. This could be where you are planning to put the furniture, how many people you want to seat, whether you will want a table as well as seating, and even the colour that you would prefer, however your first consideration should probably be how it will fare in the ever-changing weather that we get and how much maintenance you want to be bothered with.

What materials?

If you will be leaving your garden furniture out to the elements all year long, then you will need to give careful consideration to what your garden furniture is made of. If you select wood, then you will need to treat it on a regular basis as it may begin to rot due to the damp. Wrought iron garden seating looks stunning however it is prone to rusting, which needs quite a lot of care to keep it looking good. This means that it is not a great choice either with the amount of rain that we get in the UK. Unless you have the space in a garden room or garage to store your garden furniture during the winter when it might be subjected to the worst weather, and this is only really an option f you pick something that doesn’t take up too much space, then you will need to consider how it will fare left outside. There are covers that you can buy to put on your furniture to protect it, but these can often be more trouble than they are worth; in strong winds they are prone to coming loose and ripping or blowing away.


Where you are planning to put your furniture will also factor into your choice, for example if you only have a small garden and space is at a premium then you will want to consider selecting something that is not too big. If you a looking for just a seating option, then you might want a bench – a metal one can be a very good option given the ever-changing weather in England – if you have enough patio space for a table and a couple of chairs then you really can’t go wrong with a bistro style table and chairs. This is a stylish option for any sized garden, remember to look for something that is made from cast aluminium or perhaps steel that is not only very easy to maintain but also that will not rust if left out in the rain.

Whatever you do select you want to be sure that it will last you a god few years so that when we do get some of that wonderful sunshine that creeps up on us, you have the perfect seating for relaxing in your garden.


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