We’ll guide you through how a modern brick and mortar should be complemented by a slick, easy-to-use and memorable online shop. By propping up in-store service with quick and painless digital shopping, you can create a positive user experience that is consistent across your physical outlet, website and social media. 

1. Offer same-day delivery

In the old days, if you wanted something ASAP you would have to trot down to the shop and get it. That seems a world away now. It is ultimately more convenient for customers to get a delivery straight to their door if it’s available. Since 2020, the majority of Brits do in fact prefer to shop online, as Reuters reports. 

Modern retailers must therefore meet these consumer expectations by allowing them to make any and all purchases from the comfort of their home. For the impatient or urgent customer needs, there’s also the option of offering express shipping, as CitySprint reminds us: “this is perfect for important deliveries and can be booked both online or over the phone — both of which will give you an estimated delivery time to suit your needs. In-flight notifications keep you up to date, every step of the way”. 

This way, the customer gets the best of both worlds: receiving their product immediately while enjoying the convenience of online shopping. What’s more, they get a positive impression of the importance of their time to you, which can be great for word-of-mouth. 

2. Enhance user experience

The most beautiful site in the world can’t compensate for a thin offering, but your online brand presentation must still be professional, easy to use, and have a distinct aesthetic. 

Limit distractions

Once your site is in ship shape, BigCommerce suggests that “a good customer service policy doubles as an effective conversion strategy”. This involves reducing the amount of clicks that customers have to perform during their journey from visiting your site to making a purchase — for instance, by automatically allowing them to check out as guests, and not spend time registering.

Be visible

In the same way that customers will head into the high street with a certain item in mind, because Google is the place where people turn to in order to find or better understand what they want, you need to be the answer to their questions. By crafting compelling, keyword-rich product descriptions, you can help drive traffic (online footfall) to your site and sustain the attention of potential customers.

3. Master social media

Social media is direct, cost-effective, and has the potential for enormous reach, allowing you to connect with your customers like you do in-person in your store. Here’s what you need to do to make the most of these channels:

Post regular content 

Sprout Social found in a study that “at least two in five consumers report that they engage with a brand or company by “liking” its posts or following it on social media”. This in turn leads to more online awareness and click-through rates to your linked website and online shop. 

Maintaining a consistent presence on these platforms demands considerable time investment, but may not even cost you a penny. Simply ensuring that you are regularly posting quality content for your audience will build your visibility and thereby generate more traffic to your Instagram, Facebook or Twitter profile, and in turn your website. 

Interact directly with your customers

In the same research, consumers reported that they saw social media as “a feedback loop where they can report issues with products, leave a review or privately message a company”. Not only do platforms like Instagram or Facebook allow for greater transparency of your brand, services, and promotions, the interactions with a wider audience and business community also bolsters your presence and helps build customer loyalty. 

As eClincher recommends: “be an active and engaged member of your social media community with shout outs, mentions, and shares. This will provide you with more exposure and develop the brand loyalty you need in the modern business world”.


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