Many homes fail to utilise their space, whether it’s a studio flat or a four-bed house. It can feel small and cramped when there is lots of stuff on every surface. A more minimal approach can help to open up the space and introduce a calmer atmosphere. With the right organisation system in place, you can stay on top of the housework and content with your space.

Here are a few ways to increase the space in your home.  

Reduce clutter

Minimalism has been a huge interior trend for years. Marie Kondo persuaded the world to clear out their homes and only keep the things that bring joy. You don’t need to remove every personal item in your space to become more minimal. Start by clearing out a messy drawer or overfilled wardrobe and go from there. Donate anything you don’t need anymore, and curate an organisational system for things you do keep. For example, you could roll your clothes instead of folding them, making them easier to see in the drawer. Genius!

Go through the smaller items as well – even the ones that take up hardly any space. Sometimes too many decorative pieces can make your home feel crowded and a little stressful. 

Add storage

Storage solutions are the key to every organised home. You could use some well-placed fitted wardrobes under your staircase, or vertical shelving in the kitchen to store your belongings. Try to categorise different items on how much you use them. For example, you use kitchen plates every day, so they should be stored in a cupboard that’s easy to reach. In contrast, spare linen is not used every day and can be stored up high on the top of a shelf. Your storage solutions can be practical and stylish. 


If you have a small room, you need to focus on making it brighter so it feels bigger. Welcome in natural light and use well-placed mirrors to create the illusion of more space. Keep lamp shades small and use a neutral colour palette to decorate the space.  


Multifunctional furniture is essential for smaller spaces. Buy a bed frame with drawers fitted underneath to store seasonal clothing or spare towels. Or, replace the dining table with a breakfast bar that you can use to prepare food, entertain and work. Identify which pieces of furniture can be used for multiple functions and focus the room on them. You paint these pieces of furniture in modern colours, switch up the handles or even upholster them with a patterned fabric. You can save space, think practically, and add a trendy new piece to the room.

If you’re tight on space, think about what you really need in your home and have fun with it!


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