Over the last decade, the solar market has seen a 33% annual growth rate. This is because of the increase in demand for clean and renewable energy.

Solar energy is worth an investment since it will help the world transition to a carbon-free future. The industry has been growing exponentially following solar incentives and regulations.

You should consider using solar energy because it’s a cheaper and more efficient alternative than electricity. So, where do you get a professional solar panel installer to set up your system?

It’s important to consider the following tips before hiring a solar panel installer.

Operating License and Permits

Solar panel installation companies need to have the necessary documentation. This proves the legitimacy of their services.

Licenses show that you have an educational background and knowledge of handling the wiring and electrical equipment. A work permit indicates that the solar company is acknowledged to install solar panel modules for customers.

You should also ensure that the company has health insurance to cater for medical bills in case of an emergency within your premises.

Experience in the Field

You ought to settle for a contractor who has hands-on experience on how to install solar panels. To ascertain if the contracting company is fit, ask them how long they have worked in the field. Do they sub-contract their projects?

You can also request a record of previous installations and photos of completed projects.

Cost of Services

The cost of services depends on the size of your system. Your solar panel provider should give you a quotation of the materials required and labor cost. They should also arrange neutral payment plans for both the contractor and employer.

It’s also important to request a quotation from three different service providers. This ensures you choose a company that sits within your budget but still offers quality services.

Customers Reviews

Before hiring a solar panel installer, you should research the quality of their services. Visit the company’s website and check on the customers’ reviews and responses. Are they positive or negative?

The reviews often disclose how the company relates to meeting its customers’ needs. Asking around from friends and family also refers you to honest and efficient contractors.


Solar panels are a long-term investment. For this reason, you require a smooth-running system.

A workmanship warranty is used if a fault develops after installing solar panels. It guarantees that the contracted company will cater to the repair and maintenance costs per the warranty period.

You should also develop terms and conditions catering to the cancellation policy. Also, indicate the length of time the contract should run.

Get the Best Solar Panel Installer

The need for renewable and clean energy has seen an increase in the installation of solar panels in both residential and commercial buildings.

Finding an efficient technician to carry out the installation might be tricky. However, you can comfortably settle for a reliable and trustworthy solar panel installer with the right guide.

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