Turkey is currently, without any doubt, the leading hair loss surgery hub in the world. With more than 350 clinics specialized in hair transplants, only Istanbul is welcoming thousands of men (and occasionally women) every day, who fly there from Europe, Middle East, Central Asia and North Africa to solve their issues with androgenetic baldness. And besides the capital, other smaller Turkish cities – like Smirne or Adana – offer the same services.

The primary reason for such success is quite easy to detect: the enormous gap in terms of costs between Turkish hair transplant clinics and the ones located, for example, in the EU countries. 

But it would be misleading to name the economic factor as the only one that plays its role in the success of those clinics. Turkish clinics that operate in the hair treatment sector are world class facilities, with professionals, equipment, technology and techniques that could rival any similar medical Centre all over the world, including the most prestigious ones in America, Europe or Asia.

Things to look at when choosing the right hair transplant specialist in Turkey

Clearly, the decisive element is the professionalism and experience of every clinic’s medical and nursing staff. This is the key factor that makes a difference between a top-level facility and an ordinary and inefficient Centre. 

Istanbul’s top-class hair transplant centres can boast professionals with years of qualified studies behind, as well as a multi-year experience in this specific medical area, so it’s hard to tell exactly who the best hair transplant doctor in Turkey is. Nevertheless, we can suggest some tips that will help any potential patient to choose the appropriate professional team with a set of skills that fit best to solve one’s problem.

  • Experience: If you look at the websites of the most important Turkish hair transplant centres, you should be able to easily find the professional resume of the doctors working there. You can check their studies, their specialization, their expertise, and in more general terms their overall work history. Judging from these factors, you’ll be able to determine whether their profile is suited to deal with the disease you suffer from.
  • Contribution to the research: A small number of doctors are not only able to perform hair surgery; they also work to improve techniques and methods, creating new ones and perfecting the ones that already exist. It is the case, for example of Dr.Balwi from Elithairtransplant, who has recently developed the new SDHI method, based on the Sapphire technique matched with the DHI method. This is the best proof of how much the specialist is engaged in the trichology research area.
  • Percentage of satisfied patients: By turning to the Internet, you can find a remarkable number of reviews concerning individual clinics and their medical staff. Sometimes you can also find opinions and considerations about a single doctor’s professionalism. This should also be considered when someone is approaching a specific clinic.

Summary: deciding on a hair loss clinic in Turkey

To conclude, when you wish to find a clinic that offers an appropriate treatment for your alopecia, don’t focus on the affordability and try to assess other factors too. The quality of the provided medical service is crucial for a successful result of the surgery, both in the short and in the long run. 

Gladly, there is extensive information about different Turkish clinics on the Internet that will assist you with your decision. Important to mention, that the field of hair transplantation is advancing rapidly with various special techniques being regularly introduced. Thus, it is very advisable to personally consult a clinic and request a consultation with a doctor to choose the right treatment method for your condition.


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