Some people consider the dining room the most essential room in the house, as it is where the family comes together at the end of a long day and finally enjoys each other’s company. Most families want this room to be well thought-out and attractively styled, but sometimes the architecture of the house makes this problematic. You may actually have a tiny space to work around with, in which you must set your dining table, chairs, as well as any other things that go into your dining room. 

You may be able to fit in a dining table, but then you hardly have room left for any decorations. Here are a few tips on how to decorate your small dining room, while making sure its utility is also maximised!

1.    Extendable Tables

One of the most convenient and creative solutions to this problem is the use of extendable tables. They save a lot of space and can look really good. They come in a variety of styles, makes, and colours to liven up your dining room. 

2.    Round Tables and Tuck-in Chairs

Another solution to avoid having a cramped up dining room is to have round tables – which are easier to fit anywhere – and armless chairs – which are easy to tuck-in when not being used. They leave you space to add other furniture and give you more opportunities to decorate. You can get a dull or white coloured table with chairs in a contrasting and brighter colour. You can place a large rug under the table and chairs to give the small area a personality of its own. You can even have chairs of a different colour each, depending on how you decorate the rest of the room.

3.    Shelves

Cabinets and sideboards take up a lot of space. Go for mounted shelves instead. They are pleasant to look at, can be decorated in various ways, and take up no extra space.

4.    Dining Benches

Dining benches save space, accommodate many people at a time, and can look very trendy. They can be pushed under the table when not being used. The style and colour of the bench can be experimented with, to add to the décor of the room.

5.    Mirror

Adding a large mirror in your dining room can give off the illusion that space is actually much larger. It also looks very good with most themes.

6.    Walls and Ceiling

Since you already have less space, don’t cluster things on the floor; instead, use the walls. Colour them. Hang pictures and paintings. Put up shelves and mounted cabinets. Display ornaments, plants, even dinner sets if you feel like it. You can also use the ceiling to hang extra lighting or even a chandelier. 

Furniture in Fashion has many trendy dining tables and chairs that can fit any type of theme you decide for your dining room. Their easy to use website can help you go through available furniture and come up with an entire plan to decorate your dining room.


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