What is that one thing that attracts you to online casinos in Norway? Most people will agree with me that it is the bonuses from such sites. You may have heard cases of people who win big after using such bonuses. On the other hand, some are unable to utilise such bonuses. What differentiates the former from the latter? We had a session with our seasoned experts Alexandra Nereng who shared everything you may want to learn about casino bonus. 

What is a casino welcome bonus?

Anyone new to online casino gaming will not understand what an online casino welcome bonus means. It refers to rewards offered by casinos to new users.

The new players only qualify for the bonus when they register. The welcome bonus also entices the Norwegians to start enjoying the gaming experience.

A welcome bonus is a one-time thing and the casino will note down your email address and other details to ensure you do not create multiple accounts. Such casinos are likely to ban you from using the platform whenever you violate their terms. 

Popular types of welcome Casino bonuses

When you join an online casino site, you will get various welcome bonuses that will enable you to enjoy the best gaming experience. We’ve compiled a list of the most popular Norwegian online casino bonuses you will find on odds tips:

Free spin bonuses

A free spin bonus allows you to try your hand on various casino games before playing real money games. It’s specifically for use on certain slot games.

Mostly, the casinos use the games with an edge of over 3%. The best aspect of free spins is that they will allow you to know about the games better and even choose the one you believe suits you. It is one of the best options if you are a tourist. 

Free Game bonuses

They are also free-play bonuses that allow the player to play certain games without staking a dime. The casino bonus is an injection of an amount into the players’ casino site account. But, they have to meet certain conditions first. After completing the stipulated conditions, they qualify to withdraw the amount.

Combined bonuses

Combined bonuses refer to a scenario where some sites allow you to earn a bonus twice. A player gets it when they deposit the first amount into their account. Some sites offer about 100% of the initial deposit alongside other better bonuses such as free spins.

Deposit bonus

It’s a reward to a new player who deposits their first real money into their casino accounts. It’s given in percentages by most of the sites. Some give their users a 100% bonus, which means that when a player deposits 300 euros, they get an additional 300 euros in their account. You will see it in the first deposit bonus casino.

How to claim your welcome bonus from the Norway sites

As highlighted, there are scenarios where you will not qualify to withdraw your winnings unless you meet certain conditions. Although, that does not mean that you are not eligible to make withdrawals. Consider the below steps to claim your bonus from the Norwegian sites.

Is it safe?

The first thing to consider is the safety of the site. You must ensure you are on the right site by checking its reviews, license, and reputation. Asking the players on the site is a better way of knowing more about the site better.

Go through the T&Cs

After ascertaining that the site is safe, the next thing is going through the terms and conditions to know what they dictate about the bonuses. Scroll through them and go to the “bonus offer section” to find about them.

What are the requirements of the specific offer?

After going through the terms, you will know whether the bonus suits you because some offers always look great, yet they have dire consequences of opting out. Understanding the essential requirements will allow you to know more.

Check withdrawal terms

Some sites require the players to use special codes when making withdrawals. Therefore, before making the withdrawals, know if the money will be withdrawn automatically or manually.

Claiming your welcome bonus in a Norwegian casino is easy when you follow the above tips. Take advantage of that bonus and make some money online.


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