With so many new platforms being created every day, I’ve come to realise that there are some legit ones and some that may want to take advantage of you and take all your winnings. It’s always wise to tell a reputable one from a shady one. This will be an excellent way for you to save on your time and resources.

Playing on a new platform can feel riskier on its own. As a player, you don’t want to simply take what a site gives you at face value. Over the years I learned that you need to investigate and research on whether this side you’ll be using is legit. To do this, you will need to find certain features and variables. Below I’ll look into these features and variables to assist with differentiating a legit site from a bogus site.

Here is my criteria:

  • Reviews
  • Titles and Software
  • Licenses and Certificates
  • It shouldn’t be too good to be true
  • Software Developers
  • Payment methods
  1. Available Reviews

The more reviews you check out the better. There should be some positive and negative reviews for a legit website. A platform’s reputation is commonly based on its evaluation so it’s important to read these to ensure its authenticity. I always check out old customer evaluations before I play on any new site.

Most fraudulent sites don’t allow reviews. A legitimate website has nothing to hide by setting up a review system for future players. Most top new online casinos available will permit punters to add a review for the next person who accesses their site. I’ve also come to realise that, at times, some websites have fake reviews.

Most of the time, when you click on a fake review, you realise that you can’t reply to it. That the website could be illegal. One thing I’ve come to see is that a legit site will always want its customers to leave some feedback.

  1. Titles and Software

If you’re looking for the best selection in gaming titles a new platform is always the best option. The selection of titles and software has a lot to say about that site. A legit new site will have some of the most recent and popular themes, especially in their slots section. I’ve also realised that the site uses the best and new technologies.

The software providers are also something to look out for on these virtual platforms. The software in charge of the new platform should also be reputable and easy to research. One thing I’ve seen is that most of these also have excellent service.

  1. Licences and Certificates

Always remember that a government-issued license is required for any platform’s website. I always take seriously any site that clearly shows its licensing as it reveals that it is genuine and will not be engaging in any unlawful acts. Also if you can’t easily identify any licenses and certificates simply asking customer service will help navigating the site to find them. Any illegitimate gambling site would be hesitant to provide this.

Remember most legit sites will easily find and give you a copy of their certificate of registration as they have nothing to hide. They also understand that to operate successfully in the market, they should be honest about their business operations. Most of these illegitimate websites can also provide a fake certificate.

Learn to identify a fake license, and once you realise this, leave that site immediately and avoid adding any of your personal details. I always do this by pulling up a certificate from an authentic site and comparing it with a suspicious one.

  1. If It’s Too Good to be True, Then it Probably Is

Most new platforms, whether legit or fake, will have a great welcome bonus. As someone playing, don’t always feel obliged to join that platform because it offers a generous bonus. I always choose a website that has fair deals for its users, obviously, after conducting a thorough investigation.

  1. Software Developers

For a betting site to be online it requires software. I’ve seen that you can tell a lot about a gambling app’s legitimacy, based on the software it uses. Always check the kind of software that the website uses. It should be a recognisable name in the industry. This can deem the website as trustworthy.

  1. Payment Methods

The withdrawal speed of a website has become an excellent way to tell if it is legit. If a betting site uses methods such as PayPal that are almost instant, it’s likely they wouldn’t want to be associated with criminal activities. What I’ve seen is that most illegit sites won’t allow you to easily withdraw. Remember a legit site will never refuse you a withdrawal or have strange rules and regulations.

At the End

I’ve seen that just checking one of these features won’t give the best outcome, but checking several features listed above is the best solution. Always thoroughly investigate a website before making a deposit or deciding to play. 


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