The impact of Brexit, regardless of its outcome, is going to affect all sectors. The UK and the EU have developed an uncertain relationship since the Brexit vote was announced. One particular area which could be affected is copyright law.

Here, we’ll look at how copyright law could change and the top things to be considered before Brexit comes into effect.

How Brexit could potentially impact UK copyright laws

There are several ways Brexit could go, and each would impact copyright laws differently. For example, the Norwegian Model could be put into place if the UK leaves the EU but stays a member of the European Economic Area. The UK in this instance, would keep EU copyright laws, including future legislations which may be introduced. However, it won’t actually have a say over the laws.

What if there’s a no deal Brexit?

Although a no deal scenario would be a last resort, it is still a potential outcome. In this instance, as the UK is a member of several main international treaties, it will ensure that any works abroad will be mostly untouched.

Copyright and related rights will remain as EU law under the EU Withdrawal Act 2018, pertaining to EU Directives and Regulations. The government will be required to adjust the policies slightly in order to ensure that the retained EU laws can effectively operate.

The importance of being prepared

As there is so much uncertainty, it is hard for businesses to prepare for the copyright implications of Brexit. Until we know which way it is going to go, we have no idea how the copyright laws will be affected.

However, regardless of the outcome, it is going to lead to some changes that businesses need to adjust to. That’s why it’s so important for them to seek advice. Seeking legal advice from a company such as Withers Worldwide, will help your business to adequately prepare for the copyright changes.  

Overall, Brexit has caused a lot of uncertainty in the business world. The above is just some of the ways it could impact copyright laws. Being aware of the potential changes and preparing ahead is crucial for businesses. The copyright laws are extremely complex, making it difficult for the average business owner to fully understand. That’s why seeking proper legal advice becomes crucial when you’re preparing for the changes Brexit will deliver.


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