Money seized from criminals has been granted to a service which provides tailored support to youngsters who have suffered a traumatic bereavement.

The cash, seized from criminals and distributed to police forces via the Asset Recovery Incentivisation Scheme (ARIS), is invested back into communities across the country, and Gaddum has now received £20,000 as part of Greater Manchester Police’s work.

Gaddum’s bereavement services provide therapeutic support to children and young people from Manchester and Salford who have suffered a bereavement. Their specially trained therapists work with anyone who has lost someone close to them and is finding it difficult to cope with the emotions following the death of a family member or friend.

The funds allocated from ARIS will be used towards families who have been a victim of crime and have lost someone in a traumatic way.

Gaddum work closely with a number of multiple partners, including GMP’s victim services and coronial liaison officers, who are able to refer bereaved children to the service.

The funding will be able to provide up to 18 sessions each for the young people taking part, which includes work with the youngster, family psychoeducation, wrap-around support and ongoing advice. The service will additionally work with the necessary partners – schools, colleges, etc. – to ensure the best possible care is provided.

Chief Inspector Chris Boyd, who sits on the ARIS panel which handles bids, said: “Gaddum is an incredible service which provides essential work in our communities, and I am delighted that we have been able to help with their efforts.

“Some of the young people that will benefit from this funding will have been related to victims of crime, and I know that these sessions will go a long way in helping them in their journeys.”

Natalia Ozioro, head of Gaddum’s Bereavement Therapy Service, said: “We found young people healed more effectively when we enhanced our approach to 18 one-to one therapy sessions and included safeguarding, family psycho-education, school interventions and post-support reviews. However, this level of care comes at a cost which is approximately £1,000 per child.

“Thanks to the GMP funds, we’re already working with 11 children. Obviously, I can’t provide details, but some have witnessed first-hand the violent death of a family member in traumatic circumstances. No child should ever have to go through that, so we’re extremely grateful this money has been made available quickly and we can get on with helping them.”


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