Drink makers all across the UK have a habit of churning out seasonal specials throughout the year, and this year will be the same. While cafes, shops, restaurants, have had a tough year in 2020, many have seen an increasing number of customers once their doors reopened, when the Eat Out To Help Out scheme was running, and a rising popularity in drive-in, delivery, or takeout orders. Shops like the Co-op in Manchester have seen their food sales soar as people shop closer to home during the Covid-19 pandemic this year. For the rest of this year, customers will find Christmas drinks and autumnal offers in addition to the regular ones on the menu. Cafes that stock these seasonal drinks can take advantage of seasonal promotions to create awareness and increase their sales volumes in and out of season. 

With the Halloween and Christmas season just round the corner, cafes and food drinks businesses can raise spirits a little with their seasonal drinks. But how can business owners make the most out of them for their company? Here are just some useful tips that could help:          

1. Spreading the word through social media

One of the most important steps for promoting seasonal drinks for your company is to raise awareness for them online. Through social media posts and paid advertising, most of the giant drink manufacturers actively push these drinks in the market through a huge advertising budget. Social media marketing is the perfect way to spread the word on what drinks you will be offering and when. Timing posts at certain times of the day and using relevant and trending hashtags can help boost the visibility of your drinks promotions online. 

2. Push other drinks alongside the seasonal specials

Promoting seasonal drinks to your customers, can also spread the limelight on other drinks that you may have on your menu. For example, if Costa is selling their Christmas Tea or the Festive Spiced Cappuccino, they can also do well to promote lattes and other chocolate-based drinks during the seasonal period too. Not all customers will be interested in seasonal specials. However, the best way to capture your audience’s attention is by telling them about the specials and also using the moment to tell them about other great offers that you have. Whether sitting in or taking away, many customers also value eco-friendly business practices too when ordering drinks. Disposable products such as biodegradable paper straws and 100% recyclable coffee cups lids from Puregusto.co.uk are just some eco-friendly items that seasonal and non-seasonal drinks can be served with. 

3. Run other in-store offers at the same time

When you are running seasonal specials ads, consider running other promotions besides them. The offers may include discounts, complimentary drinks after buying a given number of cups, or double reward points. Do your research to determine whether to appeal to customers looking for lower prices, packaging, or convenience. Then, run a campaign alongside the seasonal drinks to attract customers to other drinks on your menu. Some cafes also run loyalty programs and reward customers more points for other drinks.

4. Start the seasonal campaign early

You don’t always have to wait until October 1st to launch your Halloween inspired drinks, such as the beloved Pumpkin Spice Latte. In fact, Starbucks launched their PSL drinks on September 25th, according to Metro. Not just that, but the popular cafe chain has also released a vegan version this year too! Sometimes, starting campaigns early can help spread awareness before the peak season begins. Ensure that you are one of the first names that customers see when they think of the seasonal drink. Start promoting the products several weeks before they actually hit the market. If the drink is a much-anticipated one like the Starbucks Eggnog Frappuccino or the Toffee Nut Latte, you will get a sizable chunk of customers when the season finally sets in fully. For those who love to get ready for Christmas early, even late November can be the ideal time to start Christmas drink menus.

5. Customise your services

This year has been an unpredictable one for many businesses in the United Kingdom. With the new Covid-19 rules for hospitality businesses that came into force on 24th September, establishments now face a 10pm curfew and face masks are mandatory for workers. In 2020, businesses are adapting their routines and service to figure out ways to create convenience for customers. Home delivery for drinks, new payment methods, opening outdoor kiosks, or creating express services, are some new methods that businesses can experiment with. Offering new options or becoming more flexible with customer service can help to push out seasonal drinks and other products on the menu.




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