Homegrounds is a group of coffee enthusiasts. People of different backgrounds, a different line of work bound together with a love for coffee in all of its shapes and forms. A community that experiments with brewing methods, flavors, etc. And their end goal is to share the knowledge that they gathered with people and businesses that share their passion. And they’re creating 15 new jobs in Manchester, with the launch of Home Grounds UK.

The UK Coffee Market

Cafés and coffee shops industry revenue projected for 2021 is around 4 billion. The coffee market in the United Kingdom as a whole is larger than that because people enjoy their favorite cup of coffee outside the named industry. There’s a substantial amount of coffee lovers who would rather enjoy that cup in the comfort of their home instead of in public places. Homegrounds gathered knowledge and advice they can give can help both of these groups tremendously.

The majority of roles in their new UK office will be in digital marketing, with SEO, CRM and UI and UX positions all opening up.

Trends in UK Coffee Market 

The market size of the Cafés and Coffee Shops industry declined steadily over the past five years. When the pandemic hit, it sank faster than the overall economy. Although it seems that these projections paint a dark picture for this industry, suggestions they make can lead to false conclusions. Here we’ll try to explain why. 

Firstly, the industry’s decline during the pandemic was inevitable. The fact that it declined more than the overall economy is simply because it belonged to the part of the economy that took the hardest hit. Movement restrictions closed a great number of businesses in that industry. That means that the industry will inevitably bounce back. But where’s the place of Homegrounds in this seemingly dark picture?

Why You Should Use Homegrounds?

We saw that the Cafés and Coffee Shops industry declined from 2016 to pandemic when it took one of the hardest hits in the industry overall. In that order of things, Homegrounds is one of the most, if not the most helpful tool you can have in your arsenal. Here’s how.

  • Pre pandemic industry’s decline

When there is a shift in an industry, like in nature, it doesn’t mean total collapse. It simply means that some fall out of existence and others, that are more equipped for the given situation will rise and eventually fill out the space that has been created.

In this specific case, the industry favors quality over quantity. If quality is your goal, there is no better ally than Homegrounds.

  • State of the industry during the pandemic

Movement restrictions dictate everything. When they are not applied, people will not go to the first Coffee Shop they see. Because they know that they have a limited amount of time, they will try to use most of it. That means that they will choose one that offers the most quality. Once again, with Homegrounds’ help, you’ll be able to deliver exactly that.

  • Today’s state of the industry

Household expenditure on food and non-alcoholic beverages. It includes money spent in restaurants and cafés, and for products in groceries. That expenditure is expected to rise in 2021. Although it also supports the Café and Coffee Shops industry’s rivals, an overall increase of money spent in that area indicates that conditions for the industry’s players are improving. This means that there is an opportunity to be seized.

  • Examples of useful cooperation

Homegrounds entrance to UK market has not been unnoticed. Today’s state of the industry is demanding changes, a rise in quality of products offered, etc. Few companies understand the moment that they are in and the steps that they need to take. Above all, they see potential in Homegrounds and they rushed to use it. Among them are Takk, which is a company with three outlets based in Manchester and Swan Song. They are the first ones to see the potential, but that number is bound to rise 

To Conclude

The Café and Coffee Shops industry is experiencing troubles worldwide. There is a need for changes. Improving the quality, offering a wider range of products, etc. Homegrounds is offering you help on a broad range of problems. If you are a business owner working within the industry, don’t overlook the potential of cooperation and start exploiting it now. Keep an eye out for their new office in Manchester coming in Q3 of this year.



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