The launch of fancier versions of iPhone in recent times like iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 has led to discontinuation of older ones. This has directly affected iPhone 7 as Apple has officially stopped its manufacturing and support. If you are looking to buy a new device for yourself, you can start by selling iPhone 7 online for cash. In this article, we will take a look at how you can get started.

What is the resale value of old iPhone 7

You might wonder how to sell iPhone 7 for the maximum price. The resale value of your iPhone 7 will rely upon a few factors. You can browse through our website to get a free quote of the gadget you need to sell. At first, you will get the quote for cell phones that are unlocked and in working condition. You would then be able to select the right option to match the exact condition of your device.

New devices are the ones that are yet to get unpackaged. Broken handsets will involve gadgets with broken screens, flawed display, and other critical issues. The lock/open status and the internal storage limit will likewise influence the quote. It is fitting to add all the details to get a precise estimate.

Can I sell a broken iPhone 7

Yes, it is possible to sell broken iPhones to mobile buying companies. You can sell old iPhone-7 regardless of whether it has a broken screen, cracked body, non-working camera, faulty speaker, etc. So the condition of your old mobile phones does not matter when you are trying to sell your old and unwanted mobile phone. You can also sell old iPhone-7 with water damage if it is working appropriately. It will get considered as a sub-optimal device, and a separate quote will be made available post actual assessment.

Nonetheless, broken or damaged iPhone-7 will get you the lesser amount than that of a functional handset. Instead of discarding it, which may bring about hurting the environment, it is smarter to sell it for some money.

Things to remember prior to selling your iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus

Here are some important things to remember when you sell iPhone.

  • Do a thorough research

There are many buyers and recyclers of old mobiles, so it becomes important to research well. You can generally search for quotes at various buyers as the cost on offer can fluctuate. Other options are doing an exchange or selling it back to the manufacturer. Think about all the potential alternatives to get the best sum for your old device.

  • Inspect for damages

It is normal for iPhone users to have a wrecked or broken screen. If you are in the same boat, do not consider yourself alone. You can sell your gadget even now, but the cost will be lesser than what you can get for a handset that is in an acceptable condition. Broken handsets likewise have a defective display and other faults in the proper working of the gadget. Most purchasers will buy your cell phone, but the cost will get decreased, relying upon the extent of the damage.

  • Do a factory reset

It is best to back up the information in the gadget and do a factory reset prior to selling it. You would not want your personal information falling under the control of an outsider. Doing a reset is easy once you are done with backing up the data. Back up all information like contacts, images, recordings and applications with the help of Apple’s iCloud service.

  • SIM/SD Cards

This is the last step and one that you can forget easily. If you are in a hurry, you can easily skip this. While it might be possible to get your SIM card back, the same cannot remain applicable for your SD card, which might have all your sensitive information.

Where to sell your iPhone 7

A renowned mobile buying and recycling company like Rapid Phone Buyers can be a great choice. All you need to do is get a quote from us to get started. Once you are happy with the quote, you can finalise the offer. We will then send you the packaging that you can use to ship the handset. We will then make the payment upon a satisfactory inspection.


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