Speaking about sieves might seem old-fashioned, but the reality is that its use is still necessary for many industries. Food industry, pharmaceutical industry or even ceramics need vibrating sieves for separating liquids and solids.  A range of automated, compact and high performance screening equipment is available to satisfy the modern demand of handling industry. Using a combination of horizontal and vertical movements, they spread the material over a screen in controlled flow patterns and stratify the product. 

For many years, industrial sieves were rectangular, but nowadays with the introduction of circular screens, higher capacity per unit mesh area has been achieved. Some of them with really important technological advances like the ultrasonic movement. This machines are used (for example in food industry) in solid to solid process like the sugar or solid to liquid like de oils or the juices.

Bi Technology offers all this kind of vibrating sieves with a lot of possibilities like machines with vibrating screen for glaze. Most of them are suitable for sieving ceramic glazes or liquid paints “where the high vibration frequency is needed for an optimal screening and where it is not possible to mount fixed or wheeled vibrating sieves”. This ones are particularly suggested in the Ceramics in the glazing lines mounted at the edge of the tanks and back from applications.

But Bi Technology not only has this kind of engine. It also offers to the industry, the Mixing Tank, with several models. For glazing lines inside ceramics, for feeding of rotatory or flat serigraphic machines. But they are not only for ceramics, in all industry that need a mixing without using stirrers with blades. They have models for mixing liquids at low density, models for liquids at high density, models for liquids where it is necessary a slow movement of the blades to mix, and so on. You have to keep in mind that equipment parameters depend on mixed liquids, physical properties, particularly viscosity and density. All the equipment is made in stainless steel which guarantee optimum operation and maximum stability and durability. And, of course,  you can find Iron Removes for any kind of liquids and glazes also. 

On their website you can find a single catalogue with two brands I.mec and BI technology. In 1999 I.mec gave birth to BI technology, “holding more devoted to the marketing on the Italian and foreign markets of vibrating screens and iron removal systems, addressing also to extra ceramic sectors such as, for example, the food, pharmaceutical and all the industries where sieving, storage, and iron removal are part of the production process”. Bitecnology offers quality performance and quality products according to current standards. And you can find on their site all of this necessary certifications.


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