Manchester is one of the largest business communities within the United Kingdom and this metropolitan area continues to attract enterprises of all sizes. While there is no doubt that appealing to local customers is still an important concern, a growing number of organisations are choosing to think outside of the box by entering into the digital community. Not only will this allow them to appeal to a larger demographic, but a relatively small sum can amount to a substantial return on investment (ROI). Still, Rome was not built in a day. Any business must begin with a firm foundation if it expects to capitalise upon the power of the Internet. It is therefore important to buy domain names that are catchy and relevant. What tips do the experts recommend? 

What’s in a Name? More Than You Think! 

It is absolutely true that domain names grow on trees. Thousands are being created on a daily basis. However, not all fruit picked from a tree is ripe or tasty. We need to apply this very same concept in terms of domain name registration. The first concept to appreciate is how you can choose the correct name in order to positively reflect the website. There are a handful of guidelines which will certainly come in handy along the way: 

  • Short names are better than longer ones. 
  • Try to include the core concepts of your company within the title. 
  • Choose well-known suffixes such as .net and .com. 
  • Catchy names are more likely to be remembered.

The chances are high that you will need to perform a fair amount of brainstorming before coming across the appropriate title. It might even be wise to check out the local competition, as you could become inspired. Finally, feel free to include the word “Manchester” within the name. Visitors will automatically know the audience that you are engaging with. 

A Bit of Help Can Go a Long Way 

Although all of the advice mentioned above is undoubtedly useful, you still might find yourself at an impasse. This is when it is a great idea to employ the user-friendly tools offered at Shopify. This e-commerce platform specialises in domain name registration, so complicated processes will be vastly simplified. Issues such as customisation are no longer concerns and you can perform an in-depth search in only seconds. It is therefore easy to see whether or not your idea has already been taken. If you are unfamiliar with the processes involved when establishing a website, this third-party portal will prove to be an invaluable asset at your side. 

Always remember that there are three main intentions behind any domain name: 

  • Establishing your brand identity. 
  • Increasing your rankings within a search engine. 
  • Attracting a growing number of followers.

Think of a domain name as a digital “greeting card” for your Manchester business. You never have a second chance to make a first impression, so make certain that it counts from the beginning.


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