Greater Manchester has been voting for its local councillors and its Mayor.

The biggerst shock saw the Labour leader in Oldham Sean Fielding losing his seat in Failsworth West to the Failsworth Independent Party

The party have also gained Failsworth East from Labour while the Conservatives have gained the St James Ward also from Labour

Lanour remains in overall control of the council.

In Stockport there are gains for the Lib Dems in Offerton and the Green Party has taken the Reddish South seat from Labour.The council remains in no overall control but the Lib Dems are now the largest party

Earlier this morning The first council to declare was Rochdale which remains in Labour’s hands

Counting has finished in Salford and Tameside with few surprises though the Conservatives have taken the Ashton Hurst seat from the Labour party in Tameside and in Salford the Lib Dems have won one of the three seats on offer in Kersal.It is the first time they have won in Salford since 2008, the Conservatives took the other two seats

Labour remain in charge in both of those boroughs

In Bury where Labour have a majority of just three, both Radcliffe seats have fallen, one to the Tories and the other to an independent and Elton has also fallen to the Tories in early results.

However Labour’s Tom Pilkington has won Ramsbottom from the Conservatives and Labour’s Debbie Quinn has taken Sedgley from the Conservatives.

In Manchester the Lib Dems have lost one of the two seats they hold with Labour gaining Didsbury West but the party has lost a councillor in Woodhouse Park with the Greens getting their first ever Manchester Councillor.

Bolton remains in no overall control but the Conservatives increased their presence in the council chamber and expect to continue to run the borough with the support of smaller parties



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