A brand-new boutique cosmetic dental clinic, and the first in the area, Gartside Street Dental Lounge has opened inSpinningfields.

Founded by Dr. Romina Gegau and Dr. Nilesh M Batt, Gartside Street Dental Lounge is a unique dental practice that offers innovative dental treatments and specialises in delivering minimally invasive dentistry, with empathy, compassion and care for every patient.

Complete with state-of-the-art facilities and dental care technology, Gartside Street Dental Lounge offers bespoke personalised services, delivered by a team of highly trained professionals. This multi-disciplinary clinic offers general dentistry and cosmetic treatments including facial rejuvenation, teeth hygiene, teeth whitening and more complex treatments including porcelain veneers, dental implants and teeth straightening. Optional services are also offered for nervous patients looking to be treated in comfort.

Gartside Street Dental Lounge is centred around providing a first-class experience for patients, seeing treatments conducted in luxury and comfort, and using the very best technological innovations that are implemented by highly skilled dentists and facial aesthetic experts. There is also the added benefit of an on-site dental laboratory, which is home to award-winning master ceramist and technicians. Some of the in-house teamwere also part of Channel 4’s 10 years younger team for several years.

Offering bespoke treatment packages to transform smiles, Gartside Street Dental Lounge provides the ultimate result for patients. Ensuring it’s at the forefront of the rapid advancements in restorative and cosmetic dentistry, the clinic gives predictable options to patients, projecting a 5D digital visualisation of the final outcome using the first hybrid dental imaging system, even before any treatment is started.

Founders Dr. Romina Gegau and Dr. Nilesh M Bhatt have more than 24 years combined experience in cosmetic and implant dentistry. Joining forces to launch the new Spinningfields’ dental lounge, they are the principal dentists at Gartside Street Dental Lounge, working together with their expert multidisciplinary team.

Dr. Romina Gegau graduated as a Doctor of Dental Medicine from the University of Medicine and Pharmacy Timisoara, Romania in 2009, gaining her dental experience in Kensington, London and Manchester. She continued her education in 2016, completing a Postgraduate programme in Restorative and Aesthetic Dentistry. Gegau has also undergone extensive courses in aesthetics and smile design in Brazil, Italy and the USA.

Dr. Nilesh M Bhatt has worked as a speciality dentist in the Temporomandibular Disorder Clinic at the University Dental Hospital Manchester, having undergone extensive national and international postgraduate training in America, Madrid, Brazil and Japan. In 2011, he completed a diploma in Implant Dentistry at the Royal College of Surgeons in London and in 2016, completed a 2-year postgraduate diploma in Restorative and Aesthetic Dentistry at the University of Manchester.

Dr. Romina Gegau commented “To us, nothing matters more than doing what we do ethically, honestly and to the best of our knowledge and ability as clinicians.  We offer a unique dental practice that prides itself on innovative dental treatments and strives for complete patient satisfaction, and as part of that we also aim to build lifelong relationships with clients based on trust. If your confidence has been knocked as the result of an imperfect smile, Gartside Street Dental Lounge will provide the perfect transformation to make you feel on top of the world.


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