UK Casino Self-Exclusion

Online gambling is fun and entertaining, but it can be addictive. There is no doubt that online casinos’ sole aim of operating is to make profits. However, this is not the case for many, as most legitimate UK online casinos in the industry usually put some measure in place to help gamblers with a gambling problem. Importantly, players should note that staying away from gambling has more to do with them than the casino. What the casino can do is to provide the necessary tools to help players in need. The gamblers themselves can turn to services such as Gamstop for help. Read further on this article to know more.

UK Casino Self-Exclusion – What do you need to know about it?

Before we go in-depth, it will make sense if you understand the term self-exclusion. What does it mean? Self-exclusion is a program that is offered by the government or casino operator to curb the issue of addictive gambling. UK casino self-exclusion is a step or process taken by UK gamblers to exclude themselves from any form of online casino gambling activities. These policies are put in place by most UK casinos, which players can use to do away with gambling. Additionally, the United Kingdom Gambling Commission has provided some regulations that guide the self-exclusion process. If you want more information, you can also check out Gamban.

UK Casino Self-Exclusion – How to self-exclude?

There are two ways UK casino gamblers can use to self-exclude. First, a player can seek casino assistance to help them self-exclude from gambling. If you are playing with regulated UK casino operators, there will be a section for Responsible Gambling. Players will find this section on every legitimate casino in the UK. Besides, a player can contact the casino customer support to know the steps necessary to self-exclude from their site. Interestingly, there are some third-party sites that players can use to self-exclude themselves from multiple casino gambling websites. For example, players can make use of Gamcheck to block all gambling websites from their devices.

UK Casino Self-Exclusion Options

In the casino gambling industry, there are various options that a player can use for self-exclusion. Among these options is seeking the assistance of the UK casino to either delete or restrict you from participating in any form of gambling activities on their site. Another option to use a service which will help overcome the addiction. These self-exclusion schemes include Gamban, Gamcheck, Gamstop, NetNanny, and lots more. Among these self-exclusion schemes, Gamstop is the most effective and efficient of them all. The reason for that being that Gamstop has most of the UK casinos under its jurisdiction. After you’ve self-excluded using Gamstop, you won’t have access to UK licensed casinos.

UK Casino Self-Exclusion – Comparing the Options

When player wants to self-exclude straight from a UK casino site, they will need to give some personal information, which will be used for verification. This self-exclusion is done manually and it could be a difficult task to do. The player will be required to perform the self-exclusion process individually on all UK gambling sites and live casinos. As such, players might be discouraged while self-excluding themselves from gambling and won’t want to continue with the process. However, using a self-exclusion scheme like Gamstop will restrict players from all UK casinos under the scheme. They do need to remember, however, that they will still be able to access casinos not on Gamstop.

Final thoughts on UK Casino Self-Exclusion

We all know that online gambling is fun and entertaining. However, UK gamblers can get addicted. To help a UK player who has problem gambling, most UK casinos have provided a self-exclusion program. Additionally, the duration of self-exclusion is up to the player to decide. A period of 6 months or a year is recommended; this will give gamblers enough time to get back on track. However, UK players should know that self-exclusion might not be enough to set them right. They need to be disciplined as they can access other gambling sites. For example, if you use Gamban for self-exclusion, casinos not on Gamban will still be accessible.


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