It’s a bit of an understatement to say that there are a lot of different Slots games out there. Thanks to the move towards online gaming, players get to choose from an even greater variety than ever before. 

With so many options it’s understandable to feel a little intimidated. That’s why we’re here to help give you a bit of a guide as you’re deciding which Slots games to give a try. Follow us as we unfold four of the biggest online varieties, from progressive Slots to Megaways Slots.

Classic Slots

The most basic form of Slots, classic games go for a nostalgic approach and style themselves after the physical slot machines of years gone by. A classic Slots game will usually feature only three reels and a single payline, just like the original machines invented by Charles Fey.

If you’re looking for a stripped-back, uncomplicated game then you can’t go wrong with classic Slots. There are no extra twists on the gameplay here, just the simple spin of the reels and retro set of symbols.

Multi-payline Slots

A step up from the classic formula, plenty of Slots games feature additional reels and the option to play with extra paylines. Commonly you’ll have five or more reels in play here, which means more potential winning combinations to look out for.

The real twist of multi-payline Slots is in the name. The number of potential paylines varies from game to game but ranges from nine to a hundred. You don’t have to play with every payline activated, but wagering on multiple lines is the idea of these games.

Slots with higher numbers of paylines can appear quite confusing at first, especially when they feature V-shaped or zigzagging lines. Even though the game keeps track of which paylines result in a winning combination, there’s a lot going on visually when you play on a multi-payline slot.

Megaways Slots

The Megaways format does away with the standard payline entirely. Instead, players are looking for three or mor matching symbols to appear on adjacent reels to create a winning combination.

Each of the six reels on a Megaways slot can show between two and seven symbols, which are randomised on each spin.

This creates a much more varied experience, with each result on a Megaways game being different. Some games within the format have more than 100,000 potential winning combos thanks to any winning symbols clearing the way for new ones in a single round.

Progressive Slots

Progressive Slots are defined by their jackpots rather than any particular gameplay twists. The main feature of these games is the fact that their payouts are linked to an overall pot, which is added to every time a player takes a spin.

This lets the jackpot of progressive Slots rise higher than you’d see on other games, giving players a chance at a higher payout if they get the ultimate winning combo.

Each version of a progressive Slots game is generally linked across the platforms that offer it, allowing the jackpot to grow greater. But, the odds of getting a win on one of these games is lower in order to balance out the chance of a player hitting the jackpot.

And now you should understand a little more about the types of Slots you’ll find online. Even if none of these formats take your fancy there are still plenty of other varieties to explore and play.


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