Milad Finn aged 29 of Haddon Road, Stockport, Keith Robinson aged 53  of Manchester Road, Oldham,Jamie English aged 36 of Richmond Avenue, Royton and  Hassan Dehani aged 27 of Lynton Avenue, Oldham were collectively sentenced to nineteen years after pleading guilty at an earlier hearing at Manchester Crown Court.

As part of an ongoing investigation into the supply and production of drugs in Oldham, officers uncovered Finn, Robinson, English and Dehani’s illicit dealings.

It soon became apparent that the four were responsible for the production and supply of illegal drugs including cocaine, methylampetamine and synthetic cannabinoids, commonly known as Spice.

Between July 2016 and March 2017, they sourced the chemicals and equipment needed to produce illegal drugs by establishing companies that could legitimately purchase restricted chemicals.

They used fictional names, as well as email accounts and falsified documents, to disguise their illegal activities and avoid detection by the police.

On Tuesday 7 March last year, officers executed warrants at residential properties and storage units across Oldham and Stockport.

At Robinson’s house they discovered laboratory equipment and chemicals used to manufacture synthetic drugs, as well as a large amount of heroin.

Twenty kilograms of Spice were recovered from the flat with a street value of £300,000, making it GMP’s biggest ever seizure of the substance.

Finn, Robinson and English were arrested and officers discovered that they had used anti-forensic software to cover their digital footprint while researching the drug manufacture process online.

Dehani’s involvement in the operation was later identified and on 3 August 2017 he was arrested.

Detective Chief Inspector James Faulkner from GMP’s Oldham borough, said: “Finding these men stopped thousands of pounds worth of potentially lethal drugs flooding our streets.

“They were so committed to producing these dangerous drugs that these men lied and deceived to hide their behaviour, which they knew was breaking the law.

“It’s thanks to the proactive work of Oldham’s dedicated Challenger team that we were able to uncover the dangerous and illegal activities of these men and hold them to account.

“They will now spend several years behind bars, forced to face the consequences of their deceitful and dangerous drug operation.”


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