Firefighters have been battling a blaze overnight in Hyde.

The fire at the Adamson Industrial Estate on Croft Road broke out around 8.30 yesterday evening

At it height 15 fire engines were  engaged with tackling the flames over an area that has grown in size to approximately 300m by 200m.

The fire involves a range of buildings across the site, some of which are three storeys, and the roofs of several are well alight.

Incident commanders  divided the scene into four sectors to enable firefighters to make swift progress – hose reels, lances and three aerial platforms are enabling the fire to be fought both from ground level and from above.

A 200m exclusion zone has been placed around the industrial estate and several streets are closed

Station Manager Chris Hanson, in charge at the scene, said: “I cannot praise our firefighters enough – operating in the middle of the night in dangerous conditions they systematically worked to extinguish the fire and I am pleased to say we are now on top of the situation. There are just a few hot spots remaining and the crews that are still here are engaged in damping down the scene to prevent flames from reigniting.

“This has not been an easy fire to tackle. Spread over quite a large area and involving brick buildings three storeys high in places, of great concern was the large amount of chemicals stored at the scene given the industrial nature of some of the business involved. The three buildings have each suffered considerable damage and have collapsed in places, and further demolition may be required later today. The cause of the fire remains unknown and an investigation will begin soon.

“Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service will remain here in Hyde for the rest of today and nearby road closures remain in place, as does the closure of the local railway line though we expect that to reopen soon.

“I want to thank local people for their support and co-operation through the night – given there is still smoke and ash in the air, please continue to keep the doors and windows of your homes closed until informed otherwise.”


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