Love for games and the desire to diversify monotonous everyday life with various types of entertainment is perhaps in the blood of the city of Manchester – after all, it was here that the world-famous football clubs Manchester City and Manchester United were founded. At night, you can indulge in the nightclub life or sit in the loud company of friends in pubs, while during the day, business and cultural life is seething here, and entertainment centers open their doors to guests. 

Manchester has become one of the popular tourist destinations for a reason: casually or with unforgettable emotions, in a measured or active manner, here you can spend time having lots of fun, which is facilitated by entertainment locations with opportunities for gaming in all its manifestations.

Although you can access the best gaming activities from the comfort of your own home, Manchester boasts not only the presence of gaming businesses and development companies but also the fact that it is absolutely common to go through several rounds of a board game during dinners in cafes. Yes, innovation goes hand in hand with entertainment that never seems to go out of style. In addition, there are thriving establishments offering eSports experience and land-based casinos where they can payout your cash winnings instantly. 

For extended communication and acquaintances of game lovers, the city also organizes larger events such as cosplay conventions and video game tournaments. Whether you’re new to the city or a resident looking for new ways to spend your free time playing new and old games in Manchester’s best gaming hotspots, this city has something to surprise you.

Immersive Experience and Virtual Reality: Places to Go to in Manchester

It is so amazing that gadgets for controlling heroes and the action in video games have become accessible to a wide number of players. But no matter how comfortable it is to retire at home when it rains outside the window, as it often happens in Manchester, from time to time, every gamer should be active and find themselves in a lively company of like-minded people. Fortunately, this city has plenty of locations for fun gaming gatherings.

If you’re spending your time in the center of Manchester, this is a great opportunity to visit the Virtual Hideout, a gaming center that offers all those who want to get acquainted with modern technologies. During the journey to new worlds, visitors will not experience any inconvenience because they will be accompanied by a special host that will help them get used to the controls and rules of the game. You can share the fun moments of the game session with friends because the center offers rooms for groups.

Putting a helmet on your head, in just a few moments, you will forget about the real world and an almost empty room and will be jumping, climbing, walking, and feeling like those heroes you used to lead in video and mobile games. Of course, for every age and preference in genres, the center offers games from the simplest level to full-scale shooters and horror motives. If you still think that virtual reality is something distant from you, think no more and go on new adventures leaving all doubts behind.

Gaming has already become an integral part of our lives, which means that people in Manchester love to spend time playing this activity both alone and with the whole family. For example, another studio with virtual platforms for games and cinema, ImmotionVR, offers settings such as nature, sports events, combat, strategy and puzzles, and much more. Judging by the reviews on Tripadvisor, the younger generations do not even have to ask their parents to return here because the latter are happy to come back as soon as possible and repeat their realistic virtual experience.

Some Other Ways to Get the Thrill Playing in Manchester

In order to have an unforgettable time with friends, people in Manchester often choose locations where they can test their wit and be on the move. Yes, we are talking about escape rooms where participants are limited in time; otherwise … well, each room will have its own original story that you need to go through from beginning to end and get out. This is a great option for those who like to solve puzzles and make logical conclusions. Manchester people come to escape rooms to celebrate birthdays, for team building, and just new experiences. Popular operators are Escape Hunt, Lucardo, Breakout Manchester, Escape Reality, and others.

You can also try an immersive experience without VR in the Electric Gamebox. A slightly different approach to gaming is used here, which is projection mapping. Visitors will interact with the game using touch screen technology while being surrounded by sound from special speakers. Players are offered dozens of titles of different duration, from 15 minutes to one hour to choose from. The gaming room is allocated here individually for your fun company of up to six people so you can have uninterrupted fun going into the past or the future.

If you can’t seem to let go of the good old days of arcade gaming, then the Arcade Club in Manchester is keeping the doors open for you. However, if you still decide to diversify the game with some innovations, move between the two floors with Modern Arcade and Classic Arcade, whose offers cater to all groups of players. On the new games floor, visitors with children will be able to use game consoles as well as get a fair share of the modern VR experience with PlayStation VR and Oculus gadgets. Going upstairs, you can feel nostalgic and get access to your favorite arcade machines and units starting from the 80s. These games, like nothing else, help you feel like a carefree child again!

Play Expo Manchester

This event, which is held annually, will probably not be missed by any gamer who wants to keep abreast of the latest gaming trends. The huge arena hosts visitors from all over England and is one of the biggest gaming shows in the north. The activities that are included in the program usually cover access to the most modern screens, and consoles for playing the latest video games added, holding tournaments between visitors, lectures from well-known industry representatives, VR area, eSports championships, and much more.

Play and Eat: “Delicious” Manchester

People in the Capital of the North, as Manchester is also called, undoubtedly devote a lot of time to outdoor gaming activities. Therefore, there are many places where they can combine an active game and, having spent enough energy, have a delicious meal. For example, visitors to the NQ64 bar will be able to order cocktails with names dedicated to the heroes of popular arcade games – after actually playing these games themselves, which are presented in the gaming zone. The atmosphere here also meets the spirit of retro and features and modern hits like Guitar Hero.

If there are vegans in the company of friends and, moreover, avid fans of board games, it will simply be unfair not to visit Goodtime Games. This establishment offers about 200 board titles, and, having made their choice, Mancunians are happy to spend an hour or two here. Already on their website, you can choose games to your liking, focusing on the level of difficulty, mechanics, and other indicators. 

A similar place for players to socialize over a delicious lunch is The Wharf, but here curious players will be able to join the table with an already running session or must bring a board game with them. Other noteworthy board game establishments include Ziferblat UK, Cozy Club, Hold Fast, and many more.

You can also feel the laid-back vibe and join the vivid players located on two floors and playing on PS5s, Nintendo Switches, and Xbox Series consoles in the Pixel Bar. Here, Pokemon and Mario characters are held in high esteem, and alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails are also designed to match video games. However, board and video games or spending time in virtual reality are not the only exciting ways to engage in gaming activities in Manchester.

Visiting Casinos in Manchester

Manchester can open up to players from completely different sides and deliver unforgettable emotions for everyone. Visitors to land-based casinos are no exception, keeping pace with the times and ready to add a touch of glamor to a wide range of gaming services provided. To meet in a pleasant company for an exquisite evening, casino lovers from Manchester gather at Manchester235.

Here guests are welcome around the clock and have prepared such classic casino games as poker, blackjack, roulette, Punto Banco… and the list goes on. There are also slots – games of chance that can bring winnings. Tournaments are also held here every week, during which poker players create prize pools, which are then played out and go to the lucky ones. The institution offers services to both beginners and experienced players.

Grosvenor Casino and Napoleons Casino, Restaurant & Bar are other brick-and-mortar sites that have been operating in Manchester for a long time and offer a more or less similar gaming experience. These establishments still retain the spirit of the game as it is in Las Vegas and allow you to meet with friends, go on a date, and just relax in privileged conditions after an intense day. 

Gaming Indoors Is No Less Popular Phenomenon in Manchester

If a night out is not in the plans of the people of Manchester, this does not mean that they deprive themselves of spending time playing games. It is true that in the last few years, land-based establishments may have seen some drop in visitor numbers. After all, many of them have discovered all the benefits of home gaming.

There may often not be time for outings with friends, but somehow you need to relieve stress and increase the level of happiness. As you know, it is scientifically proven that games do an excellent job with this task, so board games do not lie idle for a long time and do not fall into dust among the inhabitants of Manchester. The same can be said for video games. And now mobile gaming has undoubtedly become the most popular way to play.

Of course, it takes so little time to make a choice of a game by reading its detailed description in the online market and just a few clicks to start a full-fledged game. It is not surprising that instant gaming appealed to both those who have been doting on video games for more than a decade and those who are starting their gaming journey. Therefore, you can see the people of Manchester playing in transport, in the park, during a break at work or study, anytime and anywhere.

In fact, mobile games are absolutely free (if you do not buy in-game goodies and items) and offer such a variety of genres – action, racing, RPG, shooters, simulators, and so on. Gaming operators have also given a second wind to casino games by offering the same and even more extensive range than land-based sites. In addition to applications, online casino lobbies are also available in optimized versions when you log in through a browser. What often tips the scales in favor of online casinos for Manchester residents is that many online titles like roulette, blackjack, or baccarat can be played with live dealers from the comfort of your own home. To do this, as a rule, online casinos may require registration on their site, but other games like slots are often available in a free demo version and can be played by guests immediately.

No Time to Feel Blue in Manchester

By and large, the city of Manchester is very receptive to any kind of entertainment and gaming innovation. Here you will definitely not get bored both in the company of friends and on a solo trip. Places that happily accept board game players are still very common here, and studios and entire gaming centers with newfangled equipment do spring up like mushrooms after rain. Entertainment centers also have many options for those who like to spend time playing active games with elements of sports. Therefore, even on the most cloudy day, this city will offer you something to your liking.


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