A vehicle that is not equipped with robust security features may attract unwanted attention from thieves. This can lead to a massive financial loss as well as regret on your part for the lack of protection on your pride and joy. Before this happens, you should take the necessary precaution and install a high-quality vehicle tracking system and implement effective security measures to protect your car.

In this article, we have compiled a list of simple but effective rules that will help you protect your vehicle from experienced thieves.   

Lock the vehicle

This is one of the most important steps for vehicle safety. Always lock your vehicle when you are leaving it unattended. This is the first and foremost basic necessity to prevent anyone from stealing your vehicle. 

In addition to locking the vehicle, ensure that all windows and the sunroof are closed as well. When you park your car on the driveway or leave it unguarded, make sure you lock all doors. It will significantly lower the chances of getting targeted by opportunistic criminal that lie in wait for an easy score. 

Rewire Security is one of the leading companies that provide state of the art Thatcham-approved vehicle tracking solutions in the UK. This exclusive new range of vehicle trackers is rigorously tested to meet the highest industry standards and security certifications.    

Keep your keys safe

As a well-known theft method, thieves are always on the lookout to gain physical access to your car keys. Because of this lingering danger, it is important to keep your vehicle locked and keep the keys safe with you at all times. This will also help prevent your car keys from getting cloned. When you are not using the keys, keep the electronic car key in a safe pouch to avoid getting scanned by thieves and having your car stolen.

Be accountable where you park the vehicle 

To prevent your vehicle from being targeted, it is absolutely necessary to avoid parking it in isolated, and dim areas. Always ensure that your vehicle is parked in a crowded and well-lit location on the street. If it is possible, leave your vehicle in a properly lit parking lot with an attendant and a CCTV camera system.

Invest in effective security vehicle locks

It is important to research the market to find robust vehicle security locks. Steering locks are not necessarily thief-proof as they can be either broken or forced. To reinforce the security of your vehicle, you should use a steering wheel lock and a pedal lock as a safeguard and a visual deterrent.

Check for cloning of the device

Adept criminals can clone or change a vehicle’s VIN number with relative ease. The whole process is as simple as attaching a set of stolen license plates to a vehicle. To avoid buying a cloned vehicle, it is necessary to check the “DVLA V5 document” of the car before the purchase. You have to make sure that the Vehicle Identification Number on the vehicle is exactly the same as the number on the document. 

Be aware of vehicle test drive thefts

In this type of theft, thieves pose as a genuine buyer and take the vehicle for a test drive. Unfortunately for car owners, these smart criminals run away with their vehicle and never come back. To protect your vehicle against this type of theft, always get the contact details of potential buyers, check their insurance documents, and driving license before you hand over your car keys to them.  


Implementing all of the above tips will give you peace of mind, and reassurance that wherever your vehicle is, it will be safe and protected against criminals.


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