Undoubtedly one of the most important rooms in homes everywhere, the living room is where people gather with families, spend their lazy afternoons and most likely where guests will spend time. Because of this you want to be proud of your living room.

After many hours spent here it can quickly start to feel a bit uninspiring and stale. This doesn’t always require a full redesign but there are a few easy ways to transform your living room.

Declutter First

Before going to look for anything new for your living room, try removing stuff you don’t need or don’t like anymore. An easy way to make a space feel brand new is by removing the bits of clutter that can build up over time. By stripping back the room to everything you need or love you can start to begin to refresh the room.

Style With What You Already Have

With items you already have around the house, style your coffee table and bookcases with what you find to make your space feel more polished. Display a candle or vase you love, stack some coffee table books or display items on a tray. These small details will make your living room more refined.

Interior Designer Tip

An inside interior designer tip is that to incorporate a flow to your space use organic materials paired with soft lines like a curvaceous coffee table by Noguchi. This will complement your living room by making it more sophisticated.

Easiest Way To Transform Your Space

The most cost effective way to give you a living room a new update is to change the layout. Try new positions and angles for your furniture to give it a refresh. Think about how you use your living room and change your layout around this. To make a more social space you can bring seating closer together. Furniture doesn’t always need to be up against the wall.

Mix Up Your Sofa Style

Do you want to change your sofa but don’t have the budget to do so? You can try draping a blanket or throw over it and give your sofa a new style. This easy trick can quickly uplift your living space.

Another way to mix up your sofa style is by adding a few new throw pillows. A simple way to combine a mixture of textures, colours and patterns. You can decide to buy new ones, buy new covers or try making your own covers with funky fabric.


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