Photo by Ian Charles: Jack Smith (Blue) powers inside Benji Compton (White) Belle Vue ‘Cool Running’ Colts v Plymouth Devils Travel Plus National League, 9 August 2017

Another night, another win for the Belle Vue Colts who continue to dominate Manchester’s National League scene after claiming another huge victory, this time against Plymouth, on home territory.

And in scooping up another three league points the Cool Running Colts once again overtake the eastbourne Eagles to go top of the table by just 1 point, with only 10 separating the the top four.

But the 57-33 scoreline could not possibly do justice to the quality of racing on offer at the National Speedway Stadium, with the Devils persistent in their efforts to gain at least a consolation point.

The experienced hands of Adam Roynon, Benji Compton and Steve Boxall were instrumental in driving the visitors’ cause but it was not enough to gain sufficient ground on their rampant hosts.

Dan Bewley dropped just three points from his six rides with 15 while Kyle Bickley secured an impressive 12+3 from his, and Jack Smith put in 13 big points from his five superior appearances.

Bewley said: “Adam Roynon was the best I’ve ever seen him ride. I can remember watching him around Workington. He’s an experienced guy and it was brilliant to be able to race him again.

“On the whole Plymouth put up a good fight and there were a few moments where their guys gave us plenty to think about, and towards the end they had really started to get to grips with the track.

“But it came a little bit late and we’re delighted to maintain our unbeaten home record. We’re proud of it because there’s not many teams who can say that, particularly at this stage of the campaign.

“Contrary to belief, while I felt comfortable in my riding I did feel I was struggling a little bit as one of my engines felt like it was losing power, and the other one had a bit of a knock somewhere.

“I don’t think it’s anything too serious and hopefully it’ll be ok for Friday. The Aces and the Colts are both in a prime position to qualify for the Play Offs and i want to do my bit to get them there.”

The Belle Vue Aces will tackle their rescheduled home fixture against the King’s Lynn Stars on Friday, August 11th. Tickets for this tasty tussle are now available online at

Words: Hayley Bromley

Images: Ian Charles


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