The Dishoom team are pleased to introduce to the Dishoom Store the latest at-home creations from their dedicated team of invention-wallas – the Dishoom Masala Dabba, and the very first collection of bottled cocktails from the Permit Room.

The Masala Dabba has been created as the perfect companion to the Dishoom cookery book, containing a collection of nine of Chef Naved’s go-to spices and signature blends, thoughtfully presented in a reusable dabba (a silver metal storage tin for spices, as found in all Indian kitchens).

Meanwhile, Dishoom’s daru-wallas have been busy in the Permit Room batching and bottling a brand-new collection of cocktails, and are delighted to now offer the India Gimlet, Sonia’s Negroni and Permit Room Old-Fashioned for at-home enjoyment.

These brand-new items join the Dishoom Store alongside very many gifts perfect for the festive season (and beyond!), including Bacon or Vegan Sausage Naan Roll Kits, the Dishoom cookery book, Dishoom’s album of Bombay-London grooves, “Slip-Disc”, and more.

All gifts can be ordered now for nationwide delivery to most addresses in the UK mainland here.


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