The food-delivery company has today announced that it has delivered over 10,000 free hot meals to NHS staff, essential workers and vulnerable groups across Manchester. This comes as part of a Deliveroo’s pledge to make 500,000 free meals available to frontline NHS workers and vulnerable groups across the UK.

Deliveroo has been making weekly deliveries from Pizza Hut, German Doner Kebab, KFC, Nandos, Tampopo and Rudy’s Neapolitan Pizza to healthcare workers and medical professionals working tirelessly in Manchester-based hospitals and charities, over the past month, set to continue over the coming weeks .

Deliveroo has already delivered 200,000 meals to NHS hospitals, including: St Mary’s Hospital London, Great Ormond Street Hospital and North Middlesex Hospital. The company has expanded its fleet of vans to do more large-scale deliveries to hospitals across the UK. They have also supported other groups on the front line of fighting COVID-19, such as care home staff and homeless shelters.

Food for delivery to NHS hospitals has been donated by Deliveroo’s restaurant partners, led by Pizza Hut, including others such as German Doner Kebab, Itsu, Burger King, KFC, Neat Burger, Bella Italia and others.

Deliveroo has raised £1.5m from customer donations and corporate funding to support free meals for NHS workers. Lead corporate partner American Express joined forces to ensure Deliveroo is in a position to deliver all 500,000 meals for free to NHS staff in their workplace.

Deliveroo has also enabled tens of thousands of NHS workers to order a free meal to their homes via the platform, with £20 meal vouchers. This initiative is also backed by lead corporate partner American Express and other donors, including the Reuben Foundation.

In total, the value of food donated to Deliveroo for the ‘Support the NHS’ initiative and the money raised from consumers and corporates amounts to over £3.5m.

Spokesperson for Deliveroo, said: “It’s truly heartwarming to see the way the UK have shown their support for our heroic NHS workers during these unprecedented times. We’re proud that with the generous contributions made by our customers and corporate donors, we have provided hospitals in Manchester with a hot meal, to make sure doctors and nurses working around the clock have one less thing to worry about.”

Sarah Naismith, Director of Manchester Foundation Trust Charity, said: “We’re very grateful to everyone at Deliveroo who have generously been supporting our hardworking NHS staff.

“I know it means a lot to the staff and we’re very humbled that Deliveroo has chosen to do this.

“We only encourage businesses, who have the set up to deliver things in a controlled and safe way, to make donations of this kind. However if individual members of the public would like to find out how they can help we encourage them to visit


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