The couple who were injured during the attack at Victoria Station on New Year’s Eve have said that they hope the incident does not divide communities or create tensions.

“We would like to thank the men and women from British Transport Police who ran into danger to protect us, as well as the paramedics and hospital employees who have shown great care and skill in looking after us.

“We also want to say thank you to GMP for their ongoing support, our families for their care and concern, our friends and the wider public.

“We hope this incident does not divide communities or create tensions.

“Now we would like to be left in peace to make a full recovery.”

Meanwhile Counter Terrorism detectives continue to piece together the events which led up to the New Year’s Eve attack.

Since the incident, officers have been working through CCTV and witness accounts and have a very good understanding of the attacker’s movements in the hours before.

This has allowed officers to become increasingly confident that the man acted alone during the final stages of the attack. Investigators continue to explore if anyone may have encouraged or assisted him in the planning of it.

It is clear from CCTV footage that there were a number of people in the station at the time of the incident. They may have witnessed part of the attack, or the movements of the man beforehand, and officers continue to appeal for these people to make contact.

It may help jog people’s minds that the man entered the station after coming from Hunts Bank.

Detectives are also appealing for any mobile phone footage of the incident, what followed or the movements of the man beforehand.

We know some footage has been circulated to the media that has not yet been sent to police, and we appeal for anyone who witnessed the incident or has any footage before, during, or following the attack to contact the investigative team on 0161 856 3400.


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