It’s been decades since gaming was part of fringe culture. No longer confined to small arcades or a few machines at the back of bars, modern gaming is as diverse as it is popular. From enormous tournaments with thousands of spectators to entire museums honouring its legacy, this form of entertainment is now an irreplaceable part of cultural consciousness.

Manchester is no slouch when it comes to the world of gaming, as it pays homage in a variety of forms. Having hosted the PLAY Expo in May for the sixth year in a row, this event brought in huge crowds both young and old. But where else do we see gaming taking off in Manchester, and where does it still have room to grow?

The status quo of gaming in Manchester

Perhaps the most visible part of gaming we have seen in Manchester has not come in the form of traditional video games, but rather from online casino games. Slot games such as Spartacus Legend Warrior, Vikings, and Raging Rhino have found huge success due to their ease of mobile play. The popularity comes with the variety of slots on offer as well as the low data costs when compared to traditional online video games. When it does come to the latter, finding players requires a little more dedication. Events websites such as Meetup have some significant groups for different types of video games, leading us to believe that the market is not as tapped as it could be in Manchester.

Another side of this equation is illustrated by some of Manchester’s arcades like the Arcade Club and gaming bars such as Hold Fast Bar. We might take these for granted, but believe it or not, similar hotspots can have trouble finding their feet – even with greater than usual public gaming appreciation.

It makes a lot of sense when considering Manchester’s history. People who grew up playing games are now adults, and as adults, it can be difficult to find the people and time to play games with. Adult-centred bars and clubs give us a chance to relive the fun we found playing games growing up, and Manchester has no shortage of people who enjoyed such youths.

So what can this tell us about our local gaming scene?

The future direction of gaming in Manchester

If anything, this leads us to believe that Manchester is far more into gaming than many of our sister cities. Even many cities in gaming havens like Japan lack the sort of visible representation we offer, which gives an encouraging indication of possible future directions.

Hosting some massive developers such as Cloud Imperium Games means that this isn’t just a one-sided street either. Both game makers and fans seem to have gravitated towards Manchester, and the current trajectory shows little sign of slowing down.

If gaming is a big part of your life then Manchester shouldn’t be overlooked in what it can bring both in terms of work and entertainment. From some of the best gaming bars and arcades in England to a wide range of developers covering virtual reality, mobile, and online games, Manchester is one of the bright spots in our national gaming scene.


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