The department of health and social care said as of 5pm yesterday 5,373 people who had tested positive for coronavirus have died in UK hospitals.

The total is up by 439 on the previous day.

208,837 people had been tested for the virus, of which 51,608 had tested positive as at 9.00am this morning

Leading the Daily Press Conference Dominic Raab said that a total of 17,911 people have been admitted to hospital in the UK with coronavirus symptoms.

Angela McLean, the deputy chief scientific Adviser, said that the number of cases had steadily grown up until April 1, but there is now hope that they are beginning to slow down. “But it really is too soon to see the effects of the big changes we all made to our lives from 23rd March onwards,”

She added that even if the number of people being admitted to hospitals and ICU units does start to stabilise, the number is expected to rise “because of course it takes time after people have been admitted to hospital for them either to get better, or very sadly to die.”

Last Updated: 17:15 Monday, 06 April 2020

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