Microscopic view of Coronavirus, a pathogen that attacks the respiratory tract. Analysis and test, experimentation. Sars. 3d render

The UK government says up to a fifth of the workforce could be off sick at the peak of the epidemic as it reveals its plans for tackling the Coronavirus outbreak.

The government has a three-stage plan. Containment where we stand at the moment to prevent the spread of the virus

If containment fails, to try and delay widespread infection until after the end of the flu season, when the pressure on the NHS will be lower.

And if that fails: mitigation, to tackle the consequences of the worst-case scenario, which could see a fifth of British people admitted to hospital.

The Army is on standby and police will be told to stop investigating lower level crime, as the Government warns that the outside break could be comparable with the 1918 Spanish Flu

The outbreaks it says, could come in multiple waves and there will be an expected increase in deaths.

Medical supplies will be stockpile while School closures and working from home will be urged

Non-urgent NHS care would be delayed and Concessions may be made by tax officials if businesses struggle to pay tax bills

A public information campaign will be launched later this week outlining how the public can help to limit the spread of the virus, including by washing hands regularly with soap and water.

Once the virus becomes impossible to contain, it will take six to eight weeks to reach its peak, with the peak period lasting four weeks, perhaps at different times in different parts of the country, before a decline lasting up to 12 weeks.

The Coronavirus Action Plan also pledges to “ensure dignified treatment of all affected, including those who die”, but does not give details of how large numbers of deaths would be dealt with.


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