Having created its ‘Comparison as a Service’ (CaaS) platform, based upon reusable microservices  operating on Amazon Web Services (AWS), comparethemarket.com wanted to scale its distributed delivery teams and has selected Godel as its nearshore partner.

Comparethemarket.com will use Godel to deliver a third Technology Centre and help to build and run its microservices architecture.

Godel’s Belarus-based teams will supplement comparethemarket.com’s existing engineering talent based in its Peterborough and Shoreditch technology centres, using leading technologies such as Node, React and MongoDB.

“We chose to work with Godel as the team shared our values – they are honest, direct and deliver on their promises, plus they are familiar with microservices architectures, so have easily enhanced our CaaS platform,” explains James Lomas, CTO at comparethemarket.com.

“We have extended our product team model to Godel’s centre of excellence in Belarus, where we have teams building, running and owning comparison products and have also created some flexible capacity, where Godel engineers can augment our teams in the UK.”

Godel helps clients deliver software that works to serve a business goal rapidly. This means that continuous improvement and integration of software is easier to achieve – constantly updating each microservice and, by default, the sum of their parts. Rather than delivering software updates annually as a ‘bells and whistles’ launch, software is updated constantly without customers even noticing.

“We were impressed by comparethemarket.com’s transparency and ambition – our engineers love being part of the comparethemarket.com story,” explains Neil Turvin, CEO, Godel.

“Looking ahead, microservices on the AWS platform is part of the company’s forward-thinking cloud strategy that delivers scalability to an organisation that’s constantly growing and continually striving to meet those demands.

“Godel has the skills to help clients whether the platform is AWS, Microsoft or Google – and we know that this architecture is proven when delivering the right user experience that scales with demand.”


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