Don’t let rainy days destroy your family visit to Manchester! The city that’s got it all has you covered. With so many amusing things to do indoors, you won’t even notice that it’s raining outside. Think of museums, libraries, artificial snow villages, climbing and so much more! 

These 7 activities are great for all ages, so you and the kids will not be bored for even a second! Besides, you can save some money by taking advantage of Groupon discount codes.

Legoland Discovery Centre

Playing with Lego all day long sounds like quite an entertaining idea for both youngsters and adults. Let’s admit it, you will never be bored with these colourful plastic bricks. 

The Legoland Discovery Centre is really amazing because it includes a number of activities meant for different personalities. Even if your children are past the building Lego stage, they will be obsessed with everything the place has to offer. 

If you want to really be involved together as a family while you’re there, you definitely have to try the creative workshop. You will learn secret tips and tricks on how to build literally anything. 

Another great idea is the Race Virtual Reality Experience, perfect for adventurers. Manchester is the only place in the UK that offers this activity. If you enjoy going to the cinema, Legoland has one that is in 4-D. Are you convinced yet? Everything is set indoors, which means the rain will not get in your way of having so much fun. 

Science And Industry Museum

Little kids are not always impressed with museums, but this one is a whole different story. The Science and Industry Museum will give your whole family an insight into the revolution in these fields that has happened in the past 250 years. 

It is often the home of exhibitions, festivals, and other events. If you want to see the locomotive used for the world’s first inter-city passenger railway line, this is the spot where you need to be. There are numerous entertaining experiments the kids can play with as well.

Chill Factore

It might sound crazy to go back to winter weather in the middle of spring, but Chill Factore is one of the most interesting places for families to visit. And yes, it’s indoors, which means you’ll be completely safe from the rainy, gloomy Manchester weather. 

This is a ski village, where there is a little something for all ages, levels of experience and genders. Beginners can start with basic lessons on both skiing and snowboarding. The ones who know what they’re doing can go down the slopes and even hit the longest indoor slope in Britain. There is also a special snowy playing area for the youngest children. 

National Football Museum

Manchester is a city of many ‘world’s best, world’s biggest’! One of the attractions that offer the ultimate amusement for the family is the National Football Museum. It is the world’s biggest one of its kind and located in the unique Urbis building. 

You don’t have to be a football fan to enjoy this place. It is filled with information for the history of this game, features numerous activities, toys, games, a learning zone, café, and a great restaurant. It takes over 6 floors and what’s even better it’s opened daily. In 2017, the museum received a Stanford award for its contribution to education. 

Climbing Centre

Are you up for an activity that will get your heart rate up? Located in a gorgeous Victorian church, the Manchester Climbing Centre will be the most fun you’ve had in ages! The beauty of the place is not only the magnificent setting but also the fact that both experienced and first-time climbers will find it to be so appealing. 

Any child over 4 years can become a part of the thrill. There are different activities divided by ages, and the coolest part is that the little ones can host their birthday parties in the Climbing Centre. Don’t worry, there are skilled instructors who will help you and the children while you’re there. 

John Rylands Library

Exploring a city with the family means that the trip should be fun but also educational. What better way to have a positive impact on your kids than visiting a library together? 

The John Rylands Library features one of the most stunning architectures you’ll ever see. It reminds very much of an opulent castle, but with the addition of rare book collections in the shelves. It often hosts exhibitions and events, so make sure to check the schedule, you might find something that you love. 

Breakout Manchester

If you are a family of up to 5 make sure to spare an hour for Breakout Manchester. This spot will activate your brains with some of the craziest escape rooms in the country.

You have 60 minutes to figure your way out and successfully escape the room you’ve been trapped in. While you’re in, there will be clues and puzzles that will lead you to the door out. 


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