When planning your travels to the UK, you will be met with a wide array of holiday options. Whether you want a thrilling adventure, a peaceful time, or something extra fun for the kids, the UK has plenty to offer you and your family.

City Breaks

A city break is a perfect getaway for you and your partner, and in the UK there are a few more options to choose from other than London. The England capital is a vibrant place to visit, but you also have the option of the old city of Edinburgh, which has a historical castle which dates back to the Iron Age; Manchester, a cultural hub full of music and bars; Belfast, which resides in Northern Ireland; and many, many more. If you choose a city vacation in the UK, make sure to check out their street food (you cannot beat a good old British fish and chips!) as well as their wonderful selection of museums and art galleries.

A Trip of Peace

The UK also has a lot to offer in terms of peace. If you are travelling as a family, somewhere a little more tucked away (like Cornwall) can be perfect for spending quality time with each other. In the UK, there are plenty of hidden gems where you and your family can take long walks through hills, across streams, and even up mountains! Whether you’re feeling like an isolated location in a place like The Lake District, or spending time in a cozy, small seaside resort like Whitby, you will be sure to find the ideal peaceful vacation for all the family.

Kid-Friendly Fun

Choosing a resort to stay in is great for entertaining the kids. The plus of a resort is that it will provide places to eat, activities for the kids, and a range of places to stay. Awayresorts.co.uk combines the best of these, so you can travel to places like Whitecliff Bay, where there is a wide range of activities for the kids to choose from, from archery for the bigger kids to indoor soft play areas for the little ones! There are also plenty of fun activities for adults, too, like axe throwing and crazy mini golf. Staying at a resort is the ideal way of making sure the whole family have the best, adventure-filled holiday, leaving you all both relaxed and out of breath by the end of it.

If you want the best of all types of vacation, the UK isn’t huge, so renting a car could be a good option. If you’re renting a car and staying at a resort, for example, you could spend a few days soaking up all the activities, and then spend a day driving somewhere different like a local city and enjoying the bustling atmosphere of UK life!

The UK does have a lot to provide when it comes to a vacation. Make the most of your time away and choose the right one for you, whether you want to relax or enjoy a jam-packed adventure.


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