Manchester Museum, part of The University of Manchester is saying goodbye to the Gorgosaurus this Friday but he’ll just be across the road to welcome students in the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences.

Rehoming the Gorgorsaurus makes room for a transformation and development of Manchester Museum, which includes a new exhibition space, the North’s first South Asian gallery in partnership with the British Museum, improved visitor facilities and an extended and more ambitious programme of activities. Work will start in August 2018 and the finished building will reopen in late 2020.

Gorgosaurs lived 75 million years ago and is a cousin of Stan our T. rex. He has welcomed visitors to Manchester Museum for the last couple of years and is now moving to his new home to inspire University of Manchester researchers and students. But don’t worry Stan the T. rex is still at the Museum ready to scare you every day and he loves it if you take a Dino Selfie.

David Gelsthorpe, Curator of Earth Sciences said:

‘We will be sorry to say goodbye to the amazing Gorgosaurus, but he won’t be going far. It is an incredibly exciting time at the Museum and Stan the T. rex will be on display scaring children and adults alike for years to come.’


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