Roads across the borough are to receive £10 million of improvements in the latest tranche of improvements announced by the council.

The money, agreed by members in February’s budget, comes on top of an initial investment of £10 million announced last year.

A list of roads for repair has now been drawn up in three categories: strategic network schemes, local network schemes, and additional priority schemes.

In the strategic network list are: Cross Lane, Radcliffe; Derby Way, Bury; Pilkington Way and New Road, Radcliffe; Walmersley Road, Bury; Bury Bridge; Rochdale Old Road; Bolton Road, Radcliffe; Hall Street, Ramsbottom; Heywood Road, Prestwich; Manchester Road; and Radcliffe Road.

The proposals were approved by the council’s cabinet on Wednesday night .

Out of the £10 million, £4.5 million will be allocated to structural maintenance (e.g. resurfacing), £3 million on preventative maintenance (e.g. surface dressing), leaving £2.5 million for reactive maintenance (e.g. potholes, patching).

Councillor Lucy Smith, cabinet member for transport and infrastructure, said: “There are 660 kilometres of roads in our borough, and they have suffered from a chronic lack of government investment for over ten years. We need around £5 million each year to maintain the roads, yet receive funding of barely more than £1 million.

“This is why we took the decision, in the last two budgets, to take advantage of historically low interest rates to borrow the money and invest an extra £20 million into our highways and keep them as safe as we can for those who use them.”


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