The Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham has urged the people of Greater Manchester to continue to wear face coverings on public transport and crowded indoor areas after restrictions are lifted on July 19th

The Mayor told in the Observer,l that with Covid cases rising rapidly again, “freedom day” risked becoming “anxiety day” for huge numbers of vulnerable people, because the government was making unwise decisions.

The government is simply wrong to frame everything from here as a matter of pure personal choice. It is not,” said Burnham. “Many people who are vulnerable to the virus have to use public transport and do their food shopping in person. That is why the wearing of face coverings in these settings should have remained mandatory. I will be strongly encouraging the people of Greater Manchester to continue to wear masks on public transport out of respect for others.”

The comments came as a poll in the same paper found that 73% of people now believe wearing masks on public transport should continue while 50% said that “freedom day”, when the vast majority of other controls are due to end, should be pushed back again beyond 19 July.

This compared with just under a third (31%) who think the government should go ahead as planned. Only 10% think restrictions should have been lifted earlier.


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