Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham has set to an urgent meeting with the Environmental Agency over the Pilsworth landfill site after being asked by the Leaders of Rochdale and Bury councils to hear the concerns of local residents about the stench.

The meeting has been set for the 13th March but in the meantime, Burnham says that he expects urgent action to be taken to address the causes of this appalling hazard.

Writing on X one resident said

“We live on the Bury side of Heywood and it was overpowering 2 weeks ago.
We have stopped going pilsworth shops now because the stench is inside the supermarkets and food outlets.
We now shop elsewhere“

Residents have also set up a petition saying that their daily lives are severely affected;

“ we can’t put our washing out to dry or enjoy our gardens due to swarms of flies and abhorrent smells. We are distressed by what we might be inhaling into our lungs. The situation has worsened over the past year with increased air pollution and a new mountain marring our skyline.”


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