Jane Brophy, the Liberal Democrat candidate for Mayor of Greater Manchester has hit out at rival Andy Burnham’s ‘deeply divisional and seriously misplaced’ comments about refugees and immigrants.
Mr Burnham sparked controversy earlier this week when he said it was ‘time to confront a hard truth’ and implied that immigration was ‘undermining the cohesion of our communities and the safety of our streets.’ He was left disgraced when leading Tory MP Ken Clarke branded him “a paler version of Nigel Farage.”

Jane Brophy, who campaigned for Remain recently pledged to ‘fight against the Government’s aggressive Brexit agenda every step of the way.’

The Liberal Democrat Remain campaigner said: “Andy Burnham’s disgraceful comments about EU immigrants making our streets unsafe is something I would expect from UKIP, not Labour.

“Not only is he factually wrong but by scapegoating law-abiding European citizens who work hard and pay their taxes, Burnham only seeks to cause serious divides in our local communities.

“These comments are dangerous, divisional and seriously misplaced.

“Greater Manchester has a long and proud history of being open, tolerant and welcoming to those who come here and contribute to our communities and economy.

“If I am elected Mayor, I will work tirelessly to ensure that tradition continues.”

Jane Brophy has pledged to fight the Greater Manchester mayoral election on an ‘unapologetically pro-EU ticket’ as she claims ‘the fight for Remain is not over.’ She has promised to push back against the Government’s ‘aggressive Brexit agenda’ which she says is ‘set only to satisfy Nigel Farage and takes absolutely no consideration for our region’s best interests.’

Jane Brophy will face competition from Andy Burnham (Labour), Sean Anstee (Conservatives), Shneur Odze (UKIP) and Deyika Nzeribe (Greens).


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