Greater Manchester Poverty Action (GMPA) urges the government to set out a plan for tackling poverty after the Spring budget leaves households short of the support needed to meet everyday living costs.

GMPA welcomed the announced investment in childcare provision and the postponement of the Energy Price Guarantee, but said that government policy remains short-term and piecemeal, with the lack of long-term, strategic plan for ending poverty and boosting living standards.

GMPA, along with other campaigners, has long been calling on the Government to boost the value of social security benefits given that at present, the benefits given to low-income households are at least £140 a
month short of what people need to meet everyday basics, such as food and energy bills.

GMPA CEO Graham Whitham, said:

“The Cost-of-living Crisis has highlighted just how many households up and down the UK were already struggling to make ends meet. As food and energy bills have soared over the last year, millions of families have
found that they simply don’t have enough money to cope with rising living costs.

The newly announced budget doesn’t go far enough. As a country, we need a solid plan for ending poverty and boosting living standards that ensures people can afford a decent standard of living year in, year out.”


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