With the latest Quarantine regulations on travellers returning from overseas coming into effect this morning the Chief Executive of Manchester Airports Group, Charlie Cornish, has intervened in the controversy

“We fully support swift and decisive action to restrict travel to overseas regions that are experiencing increases in infection rates.“ says Mr Cornish

“But the Government should act with the same urgency to enable travel to places where rates have fallen to acceptable levels, or that already present a low risk to holidaymakers.

“Current restrictions have blocked travel to the vast majority of the most popular destinations British travellers fly to each summer. That includes the likes of the Canary Islands, with infection rates a fraction of those seen in mainland Spain, and places like Portugal, where rates have fallen consistently for a number of weeks.

“The Government has failed to appreciate the importance of access to these low-risk destinations to the British public, and to the long-term prospects of the aviation industry.

“Meanwhile, we have seen other countries, such as Germany, move quickly to develop flexible and risk-based approaches to international travel restrictions and the development of testing regimes.

“Aside from impacting the summer holiday plans of millions of people, jobs – and the wider recovery of the travel and tourism sector – are being put at risk by the approach currently being adopted by the UK.”


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