British holidaymakers have voiced their greatest annoyances when it comes to travelling abroad all inclusive, and we’re revealing their biggest holiday gripes on everything from price, to food and even wifi, and we’re sure you can all relate. recently conducted a survey to uncover the biggest holiday gripes experienced by Brits when they travel abroad to an all inclusive resort.

Unsurprisingly, significantly increased travel prices came out on top, with a massive 31.4% of people moaning about how much all inclusive resorts cost abroad, especially during school holidays. With new laws in place that restrict parents from taking children out of school during term time, and most families opting for all inclusive resorts to make things easier once abroad, it seems travel companies have taken advantage; increasing holiday prices by up to 10% during peak times of the year.

This leaves most families with no other option but to spend a fortune on their all inclusive getaway, and with increased travel prices, comes much higher expectations.

With this in mind, we’ve taken a look at some of the other gripes Brits experienced during their all inclusive holiday.

Taken from NetVoucherCodes’ findings, we discovered that 13% of Brits complained about the queuing times for food and drink at their resort, whilst 7.8% were left dissatisfied with the quality of the food. For those Brits who love a good drink on their all inclusive break, we found that 11% complained about watered down beer and limited choice of beverages, made worse by the 8% of people who were disappointed with the overall service, including the entertainment.

Poor quality wifi access in and around all inclusive resorts also came fairly high on the list of holiday gripes that leave British holidaymakers disgruntled, with a shocking 6% of people left annoyed at the struggle to access the web.

Rude staff members, substandard accommodation, lack of sun loungers and dirty swimming pools were also featured amongst some of the biggest complaints, with 5.2% of people grumbling about having nowhere to sit round the pool.

A spokesperson for who carried out the survey said “with many families struggling to get by, it’s not surprising that the cost of going on holiday is the main annoyance.

We’ve seen a huge increase in the number of people looking for voucher codes for trusted brands like TUI and First Choice in the last year, proving that we as a nation are always on the lookout to save some money without compromising on quality.

An increasing number of people who have spent a lot of money on their holiday are now leaving reviews of their experiences on sites like Tripadvisor. All inclusive resorts, hotels and travel companies need to be monitoring this feedback and proactively addressing the issues raised.”

Here are the survey’s top 10 findings…


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