UK rail journeys will no longer be covered by either the Interrail or Eurail passes, said Rail Delivery Group (RDG), which represents UK train operators.

The news means that ticketholders will have to buy separate tickets to get around Britain.

The group blamed a dispute with Eurail Group which manages the Interrail scheme and said that membership of Eurrail Group was not linked to the UK’s membership of the EU..

Robert Nisbet, Regional Director at the Rail Delivery Group, said:

“The rail industry boosts British tourism and, working together, rail companies are offering the best option for tourists with BritRail, which is recommended by Visit Britain, offers 2 for 1 deals on 200 attractions across the country and includes the convenience of mobile tickets.

Although the Eurail Group has ended our decades-long membership of Interrail since we stopped trialling Eurail passes, British people will feel no difference – they can still buy an Interrail pass, get the Eurostar and travel by train across Europe.”


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