A Manchester-headquartered manufacturing firm has saved jobs, reduced its impact on the
environment and improved its financial position by working with GC Business Growth Hub.

Bridgewater Laminates is a joinery manufacturing business, providing washroom systems, clinical and bespoke furniture for settings such as healthcare, education and office environments.

Since working with the Hub, Bridgewater Laminates has protected 15 roles within the business,improved sales by £130,000 and saved more than 6 tonnes of CO2e.The firm has also seen a 44 per cent increase in performance per employee.

The Growth Hub was initially asked to help with minimising wastage in the business and reducing the net spend on skips and waste removal but saw several opportunities where its intervention could spur on further growth.

Andrea Hill, account manager, says:

The Hub helped to sort out the waste and use of skips but also encouraged Aiden to let our manufacturing team take a look around. When we looked more closely at their manufacturing process, we could see how we could introduce efficiencies and make soft
changes that would make significant improvements.

The company had been through an acquisition in 2018, transitioning from being a family firm to one run by a team that had seen potential in the business. Newly installed managing director, Aiden Berry, had changed his career from finance to manufacturing and was confident in his people management skills, but less so on the specifics of running a manufacturing operation.

He says;

It wasnt just a new business, it was a completely new sector for me because I was going
from finance into manufacturing. I was confident in the people management side of things, but as a sector it was a new world. My partners did help me with that, but the folks at Growth Hub were great to bounce ideas off and show me what to look out for.



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