Housey-Housey may mean nothing to you, especially if you are not from the UK. But, many years ago, specifically in the sixties, the Housey was insanely popular across the whole of the UK. Ok, we won’t be confusing any longer; we are speaking about a wildly significant game of bingo! The story that follows this favorite pastime activity for Brits is extensive and interesting and from this point in time, we can say pretty dynamic, as well.

How it started?

Popular opinion is that bingo is born in the UK. However, some claim that this game is basically “stolen” from the Italians, who called this number-based amusement “Il Gioco del Lotto d’Italia”. After it created mass hysteria in the “Boot land”, it migrated to France, where the higher levels of society played it, and finally to the UK. History is not so reliable, so we will leave it to you to decide which story sounds more convincing. One is for sure: wherever bingo originated from, it made people in the UK go completely crazy about it. The first wave of its popularity started around 1960 when the UK Gambling Commission gave the green light for building bingo halls.

The Rise of the Land-Based Bingo Halls

Usually, things regarding entertainment in the UK develop gradually. But, bingo…it made a real boom, overnight. The Halls were building constantly, up to the year 2005, when the UK counted these halls in thousands. What’s interesting here is that people weren’t fed up with this game; they were actually asking for more locations where they can attend bingo events.

In the UK, Bingo is a style of life

And no one can say differently. It’s not only about playing a simple ball game, based purely on luck, it’s about the whole package which includes seeing your bingo balls, mingling around the beautifully decorated halls, eating great food, and catching up with friends. Bingo night is no ordinary game night, but a great chance to spend your free time in a lively atmosphere, packed with people with similar interests. The great side of this game is that it doesn’t require any special skills or too much engagement; you can sip your favorite drink, chat and pick the numbers. In shorts – bingo is easy and relaxing, especially compared to some social games such as Blackjack.

Online Bingo Shook the Floors of the Land-Based Halls

Playing bingo in the UK is still a significant part of life culture, but… The rise of online bingo, like it or not, puts a shade on land-based bingo entertainment. Since 2005, many luxury bingo halls have closed their doors and opened windows to virtual bingo platforms. However, we can’t put the whole blame only on online casinos; one of the reasons why bingo halls lost their popularity is the UK law, which prohibits smoking indoors. Quite an unpleasant shake for all the players who enjoy their round of lucky balls, over a cigarette.

Bingo halls are still rocking hard across the UK. Ask any middle-aged Brit what’s one of their favorite pastime activities… we bet you we know the answer!


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