Although online gambling is not permitted to be offered within the country of Japan, off-shore online gambling sites are still accessible to players and have provided many with remarkable wins. The wins discussed here did not only make headlines but also changed the lives of the lucky winners. Here we will discuss the most astounding wins in Japanese gambling through the lottery and online gambling. 

Lottery Wins  

Japan has a rich history of lottery wins; over the years, there have been a few astonishing jackpot wins. With three types of lottery working in conjunction in Japan, those who partake have more than one option in trying to try their fate for possible jackpot wins. 

Lotto 6

Winning the Japan Lotto 6 lottery can be a life-changing experience. The substantial possible winning amount you stand to win reaches up to six-figure numbers. The Lotto 6 gets drawn weekly on Mondays and Thursdays to announce the lucky winners.
The biggest jackpot win ever recorded from the Japan Lotto 6 lottery was 584,156,640 Yen in the year 2006 and 293,783,400 yen in 2014. 

Takarakuji Lotto 7

With Takarakuji Lotto 7, participants can stand a chance at winning the jackpot amount of close to 600,000,000 Yen on a weekly basis. Different from the Lotto 6 option, Lotto 7 requires participants to try and guess what the 7 numbers drawn will be. 

The biggest jackpot win of Lotto 7 includes a jackpot win of 1,000,000,000 Yen on 1 May 2024 and another win of 1,000,000,000 on 1 March 2024. 

Japan Mini Lotto

Don’t let the word ‘Mini’ fool you, the Mini Lotto still has a big jackpot up for grabs. The Mini Lotto requires participants to choose between 5 numbers and a bonus number for a chance to win up to 120,000,000 yen (divided among all division 1 winners). 

The biggest Japan Mini Lotto wins include 120,000,000 yen divided among 3 winners on 22 August 2023 and 156,790,800 between 3 winners on 19 July 2022. 

Legalities of Gambling in Japan 

For those looking to play games with more strategic gameplay, casino games can provide great entertainment though with a closer sense of ‘strategic play’ and less ‘chance’. Operating an online casino in Japan is not legal; this has sparked big interest from Japanese citizens to make use of off-shore casino platforms. Online off-shore casinos have made it easy for casino game fans to easily log in to their casino accounts and play their favorite games. For example, members of BeeBet can easily use their BeeBet login details to access their accounts and play table games, slot games, and more. 

Though off-shore casino sites, it is possible to try your hand at real money casino games through progressive jackpot slots and even live pachinko.

Play it Safe for Possible Wins 

Although there is no real record of casino wins through online platforms in Japan, it is possible for all players to stand a chance at big wins. Playing responsibly is however an important factor to consider; most online casinos provide responsible gambling tools to curb problem gambling and provide a safe casino environment.


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