When you’re making investments for the future and trying to manage each and every asset in your portfolio, it can be difficult to decide how to proceed. You know that you have stocks of different values and a great deal of cash invested in the fate of certain bonds and shares. 

In this article, we’ll take you on a brief guide of how to better manage and balance your investments, especially in light of the economic recession that the world is due to experience in the months following the COVID-19 outbreak.

Safe Stocks

If you’re panicking about your investments at the moment, you’re not alone. Many stocks that were once considered safe are likely to lose value in the coming weeks and months as they post lower profits: they lay-off staff, and their economic output shrinks or grinds to a halt. If this is something that concerns you, there is a brief window of opportunity during which you can exchange your stocks before they tumble further.

You should only do this, though, if you’re unsure as to the long-term health of your current investments. Bear in mind that stocks will rise steadily in the years ahead, once the world has recovered from the COVID-19 economic recession. This means that, if you’re patient, you’ll get your cash back in the future.

Managing Different Assets

Meanwhile, many investors are met with a different dilemma: with much of their cash tied up in stocks, and various investments ticking over quietly, they find it difficult to understand where they should shift their cash, and how they should access it should they want to rebalance their investments.

It’s because of this confusion, and the time-consuming nature of checking the performance of individual investments, that you should invest in a portfolio asset management program. These are beautifully simple for investors to use and can help you map out every stock you own in order to have, in one place, a sketch of how your investments are performing over time. This is incredibly important if you’re a short-term trader, or if you’re looking to make some sales in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis.

Balancing Your Investments

Another strategy that many investors tend to use is balancing. Simply put, this means that if you’re worried about the fluctuation of markets in the coming months and years, you spread your investment over a number of different stock options. This is also called spreading, spread betting, or diversification of investments.

When you put your faith in just one stock, your cash is vulnerable to the specific market conditions that might reduce the value of your cash considerably. Meanwhile, though, if you invest wisely across a range of sectors and assets, you should be able to ride out the most difficult economic periods with the main bulk of your cash intact and growing. Diversify and balance your investments to ride out the looming recession that’s coming as a result of the COVID-19 lockdown. 

There you have it: three simple ways to balance your investments in the future, helping to protect your cash in the long-run. 


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