The Museum of Wigan Life will become only the fourth museum in the UK to play host to a prestigious exhibition produced by Manchester Museum from April 29th.

Animal Mummies Uncovered arrives later this month, offering a fascinating insight into the world of Ancient Egyptian animal mummification.

This myth-busting experience features original cat, crocodile, bird and jackal mummies and applies cutting edge technology such as ultrasounds and 3D printing to help visualise the contents inside.

The exhibition will run from Saturday 29th April until January 13th 2018, providing exciting interactive opportunities for families, schools and Egypt enthusiasts of all ages, with a full programme of workshops and events running throughout the duration.

Only Manchester Museum, Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum and World Museum Liverpool have hosted this touring exhibition, making it an exciting capture for Wigan Borough.

Lynda Jackson, Community History Manager at the museum said: “We’re delighted to welcome the exhibition to the Museum of Wigan Life. It’s both prestigious and award-winning, and is sure to captivate the imaginations of visitors during the next nine months.

“Egypt is an extremely popular subject across museums throughout the UK, so for Wigan to be just the fourth to have it is a real honour.

“The items on display will detail why animals were so important to ancient Egyptians as a link between the human and spiritual world, how animal mummies were discovered and the different techniques used to excavate, display and research this fascinating topic.”


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